8 Best Online Credit Line for Shopping in the Philippines

For decades, there was only one real “cashless” way of paying for stuff. And that was through credit cards

Nowadays, not only are there multiple digital payment options and mobile wallets accessible to every Pinoy, but there are also several ways now to pay via credit without the need for a credit card

What is an Online Credit Line?

It’s essentially a line of credit that you can borrow and access anytime, with a preset maximum amount. You make regular payments made up of both principal and interest to pay off the loan.

How does an Online Credit Line Work?

It works exactly how it sounds — once approved for an account — you’ll be provided with an initial credit balance which you can use for all sorts of purchases and payments.

And just like a credit card, you can use it to pay in installments!

Pretty useful, especially if you’ve been having a hard time getting approved for one.

With this option, you get to enjoy its core benefits without having to apply for a traditional card.

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8 Best Online Credit Line in the Philippines

In this article, we’ll take a look at these options and explain how they work — and show you our top picks for the best online credit line for shopping — credit card not required.

1. Home Credit

Servicing more than 7,000 shops and partnering with more than 2,000 retailers in the country, Home Credit has made purchases through installments an option for consumers who don’t have a credit card.

Home Credit Philippines is under the Home Credit Group, a global consumer finance company with a presence in 13 countries across the world.

How to apply for Home Credit

To sign up, simply visit one of their partner stores where you plan to make a purchase then complete Home Credit’s application form (requires 2 valid IDs – one should be government-issued).

Requirements for Home Credit: 
  • Filipino citizens aged 18-68
  • Employed (at least 3 months) or Self-employed
Steps for Home Credit Application:
  1. Prepare 2 valid IDs
  2. Visit any partner store and choose the goods you want to buy.
  3. Their sales agent will assist you with the application process. 
  4. Once approved, pay for the down payment. The remaining balance will be split into monthly installments.
Credit Limit: 

Home Credit currently offers several types of loan options on their website with varying maximum loan amounts. Here’s a breakdown of some of their main offerings:

  • Home Credit Hulog-Gaan lets you use up to Php20,000 credit for your grocery purchases
  • Hulugang 0% Interest offers a max loanable amount of Php50,000 for electronic gadgets and up to Php100,000 for home appliances and furniture
  • Easy Plan and Free Installment lets you pay for your purchases in installments (not an actual credit program but lets you pay for purchases in installments)
Items that you can purchase with Home Credit:
  • Gadgets (such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops)
  • Home Appliances
  • Electronics (such as TVs, HIFI, and Cameras)
  • Furniture
  • Musical instruments

2. GCredit

GCredit lets you borrow up to Php30,000 credit line of GCash. It allows you to make purchases using your GCash even with zero balance.

This could be handy if you’re out of cash or GCash balance but need to pay bills or make a purchase.

This is only available to GCash users who are fully-verified and have high GScores (can be done through regular use of the app and its various offerings).

The interest rate is capped at 3% and is prorated, which results in lower interest fees if you’re able to pay early.

Requirements for GCredit:
  • Must be a fully-verified GCash user with high GScores. Your GScore reflects your overall trust score from using GCash. 
How to apply for GCredit
  1. To apply for GCredit, open the GCash app.
  2. Click on the Manage Credit icon.
  3. Make sure that your Verification Details are accurate.
  4. Enter the necessary personal details and other info.
  5. You will receive a notification when your GCredit application has been approved.
  6. Once your application has been approved, you will now be able to use GCredit as a funding source when you pay with QR or pay your bills.
Items that you can purchase with GCredit:
  • Any items that can be purchasable with GCash (using the QR code or online)
  • Bill payments and similar transactions

3. TendoPay

TendoPay offers up to Php6,000 credit limit for non-credit cardholders and up to a maximum of Php12,000 for those who do have an existing credit card. 

With your TendoPay credit, you can purchase items from popular merchants like Lazada and split your payments in installments from 2 to 24 months.

How to apply for TendoPay
  1. Visit the Registration page on the TendoPay website.
  2. Complete all the required fields.
  3. Submit and wait for approval via text or email (you’ll receive it within 24 hours)
  4. Once approved, you can make purchases in merchants like Lazada, 7-11, Zalora, etc., via TendoPay vouchers which you purchase using your TendoPay credits.
  5. For purchasing from their other partner merchants, simply select the “Pay with TendoPay” option upon checkout.
Requirements for TendoPay:
  • Be at least 18 years old and possess one of our accepted government-issued IDs.
  • Have a valid e-mail address.
  • Have a valid Philippines mobile number.
  • Selfie with a government-issued ID
  • Proof of income 
  • Bank statements for self-employed
  • Payslip for Employees
Items that you can purchase with TendoPay:
  • Any items that can be purchasable with TendoPay through partner merchants:
    • Lazada
    • 7-11
    • Kimstore
    • Zalora
    • Must Buy PH 

4. Cashalo PayLater

Cashalo offers up to Php2,000 credit limit which you can use for various purchases.

PayLater credit can be used to buy vouchers from their E-Store in the app, or offline with our partner merchants.

How to apply for Cashalo PayLater
  1. Download and install the Cashalo app (Appstore and Google Play Store)
  2. Sign up using your mobile number and complete all the required details.
  3. Click apply and wait for the approval.
Requirements for Cashalo Paylater:
  • Cashalo is available to all Filipinos 21+ who are employed or with a steady income.
  • Valid govt. issued ID
  • Proof of billing/address 
  • Work information (valid work ID and recent payslip) 
  • Nominated bank account details
Items that you can purchase with Cashalo Paylater:
  • Any items that can be purchasable using Cashalo Paylater credit via partner merchants
    • Gadgets
    • Clothes
    • Appliances
    • Etc.,

5. Billease.PH

Billease offers up to Php40,000 instant credit for various online purchases. They also offer a personal loan payable within 30 days or up to 12 months.

Aside from purchases, you can also use your Billease credits to pay bills and buy load through the app. 

Requirements for Billease:
  • At least 18 years old with a stable source of income
  • Latest proof of income
  • Proof of billing
  • 1 Valid government ID
How to apply for Billease.PH
  1. Complete their online application form. Processing takes 1 business day.
  2. You will receive an email confirming the approval (or rejection) of your application. 
Items that you can purchase with Billease:
  • Any items that can be purchasable using Billease credit via partner merchants like Lazada
    • Gadgets
    • Clothes
    • Appliances
    • Etc.,

6. Akulaku

Akulaku is a consumer finance platform based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Like others in this list, they offer cash loans and the ability to pay for your purchases in installments.

Requirements for Akulaku:
  • A copy of your signature
  • A photo of your SSS/UMID ID
  • A selfie with your submitted government ID\
  • A copy of your most recent payslip
How to apply for Akulaku:
  1. Download the Akulaku app on your phone (Android and iOS)
  2. Create an account by filling out the registration form with all the required details.
  3. Apply for a Credit Limit by clicking the “Credits” button within the app.
  4. Click apply now then complete the necessary fields and upload the required documents (see requirements section above)

Once approved, you can various Akulaku services within the app such as:

  • Shop on Installment 
  • Cash Loan
  • Buy Load on Installment
  • Buy Game Credit on Installment
  • and more
Items that you can purchase with Akulaku:
  • Items offered by partner merchants (clothes, gadgets, appliances, etc.,)
  • Cash loan
  • Load
  • Game credit

7. UnaPay

UnaPay offers up to Php30,000 worth of credit which you can use for shopping at Lazada and other partner merchants.

They have multiple online and OTC channels for repayment so you can make repayments conveniently.

Requirements for UnaPay:
  • Be at least 18 yrs old Filipino citizen
  • Valid email address and mobile number
  • Valid Government ID
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Billing
How to apply for UnaPay:
  1. Visit the UnaPay website.
  2. Choose your loanable amount and terms then click “Request Money”.
  3. Complete all the required fields.
  4. Submit all required documents.
  5. Wait for confirmation through email.

Once approved, UnaPay will top up your Lazada wallet which you can use for various purchases within Lazada. 

Items that you can purchase with UnaPay:
  • Items offered by Lazada (clothes, gadgets, appliances, etc.,)
  • Items offered by other partner merchants

8. Flexi.com.ph

Flexi offers installment options for your purchases with their partner merchants. Called “Sales Finance”, you can pay in installments without the need for a credit card.

They also offer online cash loans but it’s only currently available by SMS invitation to selected and current Flexi Finance customers. Flexi is based in Cebu City.

Requirements for Flexi:
  • 2 Valid IDs (SSS, TIN, Driver’s License, Passport, Voter’s ID)
  • Filipino Citizenship, at least 18 years old
  • 3 Months of Employment
How to apply for Flexi:
  1. Visit any Flexi partner merchant (see their list here) and make a purchase. A Flexi representative will assist you with the credit application.
  2. You will receive confirmation if you’re approved within 30 minutes. 
  3. If approved for installment, you can then make the down payment and take home the item.

How to shop in installments without a credit card in the Philippines

Here’s the quick answer: Use the services we mentioned above!

A credit card can be a great tool for managing your purchases (the installment option is very useful), but let’s face it, it can be a pain to get one. 

The good news is that the services we mentioned above offer the core benefits of having a credit card (credit line and installment options) and you can use it at both online shopping sites and physical retailers. 

Each service we mentioned above caters to a particular need, and it’s just up to you to decide which one will work best in your situation.

For example, Home Credit and Flexi are great options for in-store purchases (physical retailers) since they usually have representatives there who offer assistance if you want to pay in installments. 

GCredit is useful if you use GCash often and need a quick source of credits for paying bills or making purchases.

Tendo Pay and Cashalo are perfect for smaller purchases in Lazada and other merchants (quick application and approval process).

For a bigger credit line, Billease and UnaPay are your best bet. 

And with the broad range of goods and services now available at various online platforms, you now have access to thousands of products and the ability to pay for them in installments without the need for a credit card. 

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