40+ Best Personal Finance Apps & Online Tools for Filipinos

Last Updated – Sep 13, 2023 @ 8:12 am

If there’s one thing I hate more than having to pay late credit card fees, it’s physically going to the bank or bayad center to pay the actual bill. 

See, I hate waiting in line. I feel like I’m wasting precious minutes/hours just standing (or sitting) there, waiting for my name to be called.

Just the other day I dropped by the drugstore to buy some meds only to get outta there in a second upon seeing the small crowd of customers by the pharmacy counter. 

“Ok. Bukas na lang pala ko iinom ng gamot”, I muttered. 

Blame it on my lack of patience when it comes to this sort of thing. 

The weird thing though is I don’t mind sitting 30 mins to an hour outside my son’s school as I wait to fetch him. 

I guess I just really hate long lines. 

The good news is that most of the things that I used to have to wait in line for can now be done with just a few taps and swipes on my phone.

All thanks to a couple of apps.

Specifically, apps that make doing transactions like buying and paying for stuff a whole lot easier.

Curious to know which ones are really worth using?

That’s exactly what this article is all about. With literally dozens, if not hundreds, of apps that boast of making your financial life easier, the choices can be quite overwhelming.

Which ones are the best for paying bills? Which ones are good for budgeting? What’s the best mobile wallet right now? 

To make things easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular and widely-used personal finance apps out there. 

But before we dive into the list, let’s start by explaining the importance of using these apps and how you can benefit from them.

Benefits of Using Personal Finance Apps

At the core of the following list of benefits lies a common theme: Using these apps saves you time, money, and effort. How exactly do finance and money apps help? Here are a couple of examples.

1. Pay Bills at the Comfort of Your Own Home

Yesterday, I paid my credit card bill with my 1-year old son watching curiously while I carried him on my left arm. The entire process took about 5 minutes tops.

A few years ago I had to schedule my trip to the Bayad center, taking into consideration the time of day when there are likely fewer people there.

What used to take a good hour to complete can now be done within a commercial break for Ang Probinsyano.

2. Saving Gets Easier

They say the success of a habit relies not on motivation, rather, on the system created to implement that habit.

For example, the most successful savers I know are the ones who have their banks automatically deduct a small portion of their income upon hitting their accounts.

It works because there’s literally zero effort required. It’s a great system for saving. Compare that with someone who has to visit the bank to deposit his savings. Who do you think is more likely to miss it? 

Personal finance apps play an important role in implementing frictionless personal finance systems.

It takes the effort out of the equation, and when something is easy, we’re more likely and motivated to do it. 

3. Need to Buy Something? Whip out Your Phone

While not exactly categorized as personal finance apps, I consider Lazada, Shopee, GrabFood, and similar shopping/ordering apps as essential to the whole “save more money” strategy.


Because these apps allow you to buy stuff at cheaper prices, lets you skip going to the mall/physical store (saves on gas/fare), give you access to a wider range of options, and lets you save even more via promos and free shipping offers. 

4. Say Goodbye to Late Fees

It’s never been easier to pay your bills—just a few taps and swipes and you’re good to go.

And with most bills being sent electronically nowadays, you can quickly pay them the moment you get the statement.

No more late fees!

For example, I pay bills using GCash. As soon as I get the billing statement via email, I either pay it ASAP via GCash or set a reminder on my phone.

That way, I no longer worry about missed payments and late fees.

5. You Can Set Financial Goals and Track Your Progress

If you truly want to master the money game—with long term success, then you have to set clear goals and be consistent with your efforts.

And to do this, you have to do an honest assessment of your financial targets and how you are going to achieve them.

Personal finance apps can lend a helping hand here as they make the technical part of goal setting and tracking your progress easier.  

Best Budgeting Apps in the Philippines

It all starts with a well built and easy-to-use system for budgeting your money. Here are some of the best picks.


Emulates the “Envelope System” as its core strategy for saving. 

Key Features:

  • Expense tracking 
  • Check Envelope & Account balances
  • Goal and Annual Envelopes
  • Scheduled transactions and Envelope fills
  • Split expense transactions
  • Save time with smart payee and category suggestions
  • Easily transfer funds between Envelopes and Accounts

Money Lover

A simple finance app for tracking your expense and planning your income and expense.

Key Features:

  • Money Manager lets you track expenses and incomes by categories (food, fuel, etc.).
  • Budget Planner sets a limit on how much to spend in a category then sends alerts when close to limit. 
  • Goal Wallet lets you set a savings goal and automatically updates your balances as you progress towards your goal
  • Financial reports give you an overview of your spending, income by date or group. 
  • Credit Wallet lets you manage credit cards and get reminders when repayments are due

Wallet – Money, Budget, Finance, & Expense Tracker

A spending tracker and personal finance planner that helps you save money and plan your budgets

Key Features:

  • Spending tracker
  • Personal Finance Planner (with Integrated Money Manager)
  • Insightful reports
  • Transaction data import/manual input allowed for expense tracking

My Ipon Challenge – Piggy Bank & Savings App

Remember the popular 50-peso savings challenge a few years back? This app aims to recreate that system and more—letting you choose from a set of pre-created “ipon challenges” or savings plan that suits you.

Key Features:

  • Choose or customize your own savings plan or “ipon challenge”
  • Create multiple ipon challenges
  • Set reminders
  • Ipon Challenge Buddies (coming soon)

Best Wealth Management & Investing Apps in the Philippines

Take out the hassle out of investing and managing your assets (Stocks, ETF, Bonds, etc.,) with this selection of highly useful apps.

Also check: 15 Best Investment Apps in the Philippines

First Metro Sec Go

The latest app from First Metro Securities that lets you invest in Philippine stocks, mutual funds, and others.

It brings the same intuitive user interface of the browser version of First Metro Sec Pro, combining analytical tools and useful features to make trading easy on the go.

Key Features:

  •  Auto-generated Watchlists pop up across the bottom. Showing amazing options aside from bid-ask (projected, consensus rating, 52 wk hi/lo, div yield, market cap, PE ratio, etc.
  • Utilizes biometrics for security purposes 
  • Intuitive Trading screen: Includes pop up 5 best levels of bid/offer when you touch on price box. Touch option to choose.
  • Complete company info: profile, news, disclosures, research, consensus.
  • Consolidated display of portfolio: Stocks and Funds

Coins Pro

If you’re into digital currency trading (e.g Bitcoin), Coins Pro offers a secure and easy way of buying and selling it. You can place orders to buy or sell digital currencies across various trading pairs.

Note that there’s no dedicated app yet for this feature (will redirect you to the Coins Pro website)

Key Features:

  • Full online platform for buying and selling digital currency
  • Order entry for Market, Limit, and Stop
  • Price Graphs
  • Open/Filled Order Tabs
  • Order Book
  • Public Trades

SeedBox PH

SeedBox aims to make investing in Mutual Funds a whole lot easier by offering a digital platform for purchasing and investing in various ATRAM mutual funds.

Key Features:

  • Invest in Mutual Funds completely online
  • Pick from either “SeedBox Package” or “Individual Fund” for your investments
  • Goal planner lets you choose the funds that suit your objectives

GCash Invest

GCash lets you invest in mutual funds (currently offers the ATRAM Peso Money Market Fund only) within the app so you can easily invest money using your GCash balance.

Key Features:

  • Minimum balance of only Php50. Start investing for as low as 50 pesos
  • No commission and sales fees
  • Easily redeem and purchase funds via your GCash wallet

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Best Money Saving Apps in the Philippines

These apps let you save more via deals, discounts, or cashbacks on your purchases.


This app lets you access coupon codes, vouchers, and promos from over 500 merchants. Each time you shop with partner vendors, you can get up to 30% cashback on your purchase.

Key Features:

  • Cashback on your online purchases with partner vendors
  • Access to vouchers, coupon codes, and promos
  • Easy to use, simply open your shopping app of choice within the Cashback app to utilize the benefits
  • Easily request for earnings to be transferred to your bank or PayPal 


This app lets you discover and book the best places to eat, get fit, and pamper yourself. Aside from acting as a directory for shops, they also offer exclusive discounts.

Key Features:

  • Access to over 10,000 menus of partner merchants
  • Access to exclusive offers and discounts
  • Book tables, classes, and appointments


Restaurant reservation app that offers exclusive discounts. 

Key Features:

  • Easily book tables at more than hundreds of partner restaurants
  • Access to up to 50% discount (some deals are good for up to 1 week to a month)
  • No pre-payments or hidden fees

Best Bill Payment Apps in the Philippines

Take the hassle out of paying your bills with this solid line-up of apps that lets you take care of payables with just a few clicks and taps.


Globe’s mobile wallet solution has expanded to include a slew of other useful services like bill payments, savings account, investment account, remittance, bank transfers, and others.

Key Features:

  • Pay your electric and water utilities, cable and internet, telecoms, credit cards, loans, government fees/requirements, insurance, transportation, real estate, health care, school, investments, etc., 
  • Lifestyle and Shopping – book movies, purchase game credits, pay online, send Ang Pao


Mobile wallet with digital currency support (bitcoin and others) that lets you pay for a wide variety of bills.

Key Features:

  • Pay your credit cards, water, and electric utilities, telecom, home credit loans, broadband, Cable TV, Government fees/requirements, SSS contributions, insurance, stocks and securities
  • Gives cashbacks for bill payments
  • Perfect for users who also utilize the app for digital currency investments


Smart’s mobile wallet offering, this app lets you pay for a wide assortment of bills and other payables. Their list (of payable bills via app) is shorter though versus that of GCash and Coins.

Key Features:

  • Pay for credit card (BPI), cable, insurance, electric and water utilities, telecom, school

Your Bank’s App

Most banks feature their own mobile app that lets you do OTG banking as well as pay your bills. Examples include:

  • Security Bank Mobile App
  • UnionBank Online
  • BPI Mobile
  • BDO Personal Banking
  • Land Bank Mobile Banking


CLiQQ is 7-Eleven’s very own mobile wallet solution. Within it is CLiQQ Pay, a feature that lets you use your phone to pay for your bills at any 7-Eleven store.

Key Features:

  • Pay for credit cards, cable TV, electricity, water, e-Commerce credits, insurance, loans, telco, transpo and toll, game credits, aids, and donations.

Best Product Comparison Sites in the Philippines

Product comparison sites allow users to check out how a product or service fares against the competition, so we’ll know if it’s worth our money. 


This site lets you check out the price of a particular product from different shops. See and compare to determine which ones offer the best deals at the lowest prices. 

Key features:

  • Free online service that lets you compare prices from different shops and sites
  • View features and specs easily
  • View similar/recommended products
  • Links to the product page of actual shops provided


MoneyMax lets you compare financial products like credit cards, personal loans, and insurance so you can make a sound decision before you sign up.

Key features:

  • Free online service that lets you review and compare financial products and services
  • Easy to use, no fees
  • Lets you easily connect with a chosen provider via Moneymax website


This free online service lets you make better buying decisions when purchasing car or life insurance, credit cards, and personal loans. 

Key Features: 

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Get info and free quote from a selection of providers
  • Free service


Easily check and compare prices for hotel room accommodations. 

Key Features: 

  • Provides an extensive list of hotels and rooms from various websites
  • Shows essential details like location, amenities, photos and user reviews
  • Simply enter the dates you plan to visit and the site will filter and show recommended hotels per the price range you set

Lamudi PH

If you’re looking for properties to buy or rent, this is the site to visit. They list all types of properties across the country, both commercial and residential.

Key Features: 

  • Search and browse through their extensive list of properties: houses, land, apartments, condominiums, and foreclosures.
  • Provides essential details like location, amenities, photos and contact person
  • Simply enter the location and type of property you wish to view and it will collate a list of related items

Best Mobile Wallets in the Philippines

Sending and receiving money, buying and selling stuff online has never been easier thanks to the following solid line up of mobile wallet apps


Globe’s mobile wallet solution is considered to be number 1 in terms of user base and number of built-in features.

This combination dramatically increases usage if you’re a user since most of the financial transactions you’ll do will be supported. 

Key Features:

  • Strong feature set, widely adopted by hundreds of merchants and partner establishments
  • Easy cash in and cash out methods
  • Continues to build and add new features and services


Considered the OG mobile payment solution by many, PayPal has been around since the 90’s and is pioneered and inspired the development of the mobile payment ecosystem that we know now. 

Key Features:

  • Send and receive payments from anywhere in the world
  • Number 1 payment platform used by freelancers in the Philippines
  • Used by thousands of merchants across the globe


Smart’s answer to GCash, PayMaya is the green team’s mobile payment service that was launched in 2015. 

Key Features:

  • Full mobile wallet solution that can be used to send and receive money, pay bills, buy load, and others
  • Smart Padala has a strong user base in both metro and rural areas
  • New feature: “Balikbayad” cash back program


Launched initially as a cryptocurrency exchange service/wallet, Coins evolved into a mobile wallet that lets you send and receive money, pay bills, buy load, purchase game credits, and more.

Key Features:


Pay for rides, prepaid load, and deliveries. You can also use it to send money to friends or family.

Key Features:

  • Strong integration to Grab platform of services (GrabCar, GrabFood, GrabDelivery, etc.,)
  • Offers bonuses and discounts along with other rewards

Best Shopping Apps in the Philippines

Save on time, money, and effort with the two most popular shopping apps in the Philippines right now. 


Based in Singapore, Shopee is an e-commerce platform that was first launched in 2015. Since then, it expanded across neighboring countries in Southeast Asia and gained a strong following in the last few years.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of products offered, including items from smaller shops 
  • Free shipping vouchers and promos are often offered


Launched in 2012, Lazada was the first widely recognized mobile shopping app in the country when it was released. Along with Shopee, they dominate the e-commerce business in the Philippines.

Key Features:

  • Strong product line-up, especially from big/more popular brands and shops 
  • Relatively faster shipping times compared to Shopee

For a more extensive list of online shopping services, check out this piece: Top 100 online shopping sites in the Philippines


iPrice.PH is an e-commerce website that aggregates various products and brands all across Southeast Asia so customers can easily choose and purchase via a single platform.

They operate in 7 countries and have more than 1500+ partner brands. 

Key features:

  • Conveniently shop for items available in various shops locally and abroad
  • Also serves as a price comparison website since it aggregates product data from different retailers/vendors.
  • Provides Filipino online shoppers free discount coupons & vouchers for some of the top ecommerce stores in the country

Best Mobile Banking Apps in the Philippines

Almost all banks offer their own mobile app nowadays, and that’s a good thing, as it allows us the convenience to transact anywhere. Here are our picks based on our (more comprehensive) 10 Best Digital, Mobile, & Online Banking Services in the Philippines article.

ING Philippines

ING launched its all digital-banking app in 2019 and gained a strong user base since inception. 

Key Features:

  • Interest rate: 2.5% (10 times higher than typical rates of traditional savings accounts)
  • No minimum deposit amount and no required maintaining balance
  • No lock-in period and no service fees
  • Complete account opening and check deposit via the ING mobile app
  • Funds transfer via PESONet to any bank in the Philippines
  • BPI Online and BPI Mobile

One of the most widely used mobile banking apps in the country because of its huge customer base. They made several key upgrades in the past few years to improve and make their system more secure.

Key Features:

  • Interest rate: 0.125% – 1.25% (0.25% for most accounts)
  • Minimum initial deposit: Php 100 – Php 250,000 (except for BPI Padala Moneyger, which has no required initial deposit)
  • Minimum maintaining balance: Php 1,000 – Php 250,000 (except for BPI Padala Moneyger and Kaya Savings, which have no required maintaining balance)
  • OTP for logging into an account with a new device and completing transactions
  • Fingerprint and face recognition for logging in to BPI Mobile app
  • View account details and electronic statements
  • Manage card control settings
  • Bills payment
  • Fund transfer to own BPI account, other BPI accounts, and accounts with other banks
  • Create a QR Code for receiving money (instead of giving account number to the sender)
  • Transfer via QR Code for sending money (instead of entering the recipient’s account number)
  • Prepaid cellphone loading
  • Reloading e-wallets such as beep card, GCash, PayMaya, Smart Padala, Autosweep RFID, and Easytrip

BDO Online Banking and BDO Personal Banking App

The Philippines’ largest bank, BDO’s mobile banking app is among the top in terms of the number of installs and active users.

Key Features:

  • Interest rate: 0% to 1.25% (0.25% for most accounts)
  • Minimum initial deposit: Php 100 – Php 50,000
  • Minimum maintaining balance: Php 100 – Php 50,000
  • OTP for accessing account and completing transactions
  • Quick Links for better site navigation
  • Check account balance and transaction history
  • Fund transfer to own account, another person’s account, and non-BDO accounts
  • Bills payment with an option to pay bills all at once
  • Prepaid cellphone loading
  • Reloading BDO Cash Cards
  • Lock or unlock ATM card

UnionBank Online

Unionbank proudly boasts that 80% of all its customer transactions are done through its online channels.

Key Features:

  • Interest rate: 0.10%
  • Minimum initial deposit: Php 10,000 for Regular Savings Account and $500/$10,000 for Dollar Accounts (except for UnionBank Personal Savings Account, which has no required initial deposit)
  • Minimum maintaining balance: Php 10,000 for Regular Savings Account and $500/$10,000 for Dollar Accounts (except for UnionBank Personal Savings Account, which has no required maintaining balance)
  • OTP for bills payment and fund transfer transactions
  • Fingerprint login
  • Check account balance
  • Fund transfer to all major local banks
  • Bills payment
  • Prepaid loading

LANDBANK Mobile Banking Application

Landbank is among the top 5 commercial banks in the Philippines in terms of assets, loans, and deposits.

Key Features:

  • Interest rate: 0.10%
  • Minimum initial deposit: Php 500 – Php 20,000
  • Minimum maintaining balance: Php 500 – Php 20,000
  • View account balance and transaction history
  • Fund transfer to own account, another person’s LANDBANK account, and other bank accounts
  • Bills payment
  • Lock or unlock ATM Card
  • OTP for authorizing fund transfer to LANDBANK accounts and other bank accounts
  • Biometric login through fingerprint authentication or facial recognition
  • View foreign exchange rates and unit investment trust fund (UITF) rates
  • ATM/Branch locator

Metrobank Mobile Banking

The second-largest bank in the country offers a full online banking service along with a mobile app.

Key Features:

  • Interest rate: 0.25%
  • Minimum initial deposit: Php 100 – Php 50,000
  • Minimum maintaining balance: Php 100 – Php 50,000
  • OTP for every new device used and certain transactions
  • Check account balance and details
  • Fund transfer
  • Send and receive money using mobile numbers (no need to enter account numbers)
  • Bills payment
  • Prepaid loading
  • View forex rates and financial and stock market news
  • Car and home loan application form and online calculator
  • Branch locator

Security Bank Online

Capital Finance gave Security Bank the Best Digital Bank award in 2017, proof of their commitment to improving their online and mobile services for the convenience of its customers.

Key Features:

  • Interest rate: 0.10% – 1.20%
  • Minimum initial deposit: Php 100 – Php 10,000 / $500 for dollar and third-currency accounts
  • Minimum maintaining balance: Php 500 – Php 25,000 / $500 for dollar and third-currency accounts
  • Quick login through fingerprint authentication
  • eGiveCash for sending money through SMS
  • Fund transfer
  • Bills payment
  • Prepaid loading
  • Lock or unlock ATM and PIN
  • UITF subscription and redemption
  • Forex transactions
  • Locate ATMs and branches


CIMB Bank is based in Malaysia which boasts of having more than 1000 branches across South East Asia. It launched in the Philippines in 2019 as an all-digital mobile-first bank.

Key Features:

  • Interest rate: 0.50% to 2.50% (Two to 10 times higher than typical rates of traditional savings accounts)
  • No minimum deposit amount and no required maintaining balance
  • No lock-in period and no service fees
  • Complete account opening via the OCTO by CIMB Bank app
  • Selfie Check for identity verification through facial recognition 
  • Fund transfer
  • Bills payment
  • Over-the-counter or online deposit
  • Personal loan application
  • Prepaid loading

GCash Save Money (GSave)

GSave is a feature within the Globe GCash app. Partnering with CIMB, it aims to be a solid alternative to traditional banks for people who want to open a bank account.

Key Features:

  • Interest Rate: 4.1% introductory rate
  • NO Minimum Initial Deposit
  • NO Minimum maintaining balance
  • Easy viewing and access to account balance and transaction history via the GCash app
  • Easy transfer of money between GCash and GSave
  • Easy sign-up via the GCash app (requires full verification as GCash user)
  • Maximum deposit amount of Php100,000

MayBank ISave (accessible via MayBank2U app)

ISave is MayBank’s online-only savings account that customers can set up and use via the MayBank2U PH app. 

Key Features:

  • No initial deposit
  • No maintaining balance
  • Earns interest of 0.25% p.a. at an average daily balance of at least PHP 20,000
  • Free withdrawals in any ATM in the Philippines
  • Free withdrawals in any Maybank ATM in Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia
  • Maximum deposit amount of Php100,000

Best Online Lending Apps in the Philippines

Need cash quick? Check out this quick list of the top online lending apps in the Philippines right now.

Note: The SEC continues to monitor and crack down on illegal online lending sites that harass and violate their borrowers’ privacy. Make sure to practice due diligence before using any of these apps and services.

Home Credit PH

The Philippine arm of global consumer finance company Home Credit Group aims to offer a non-cash, no-collateral in-store financing to qualified mass-market consumers seeking to purchase appliances and other gadgets. 

Key Features:

  • Types of Loans being offered:
    • Cash Loan
    • Credit Card
    • Online Shopping (via tie-ups with product companies)
  • Interest rates:
    • Varies depending on the terms of the loan (price, repayments)
  • Loan Approval Duration:
    • Same day as purchase date (done physically at their partner store)
  • Maximum Limit for Loans:
    • Php50,000 for cash and product loans


One of the biggest online financing firms in SE Asia, Akulaku is an e-commerce platform that offers the following services: cash loan, cardless installment shopping, bills payment, mobile and game top-ups on installment along with travel and leisure packages. 

Key Features:

  • Shop on installment without credit card
  • Get a cash loan for up to Php10k in as fast as 24 hours
  • Flexible payment terms (up to 12 months)
  • Easily pay through various online and offline channels
  • Buy game credits, load, products, in installments


Cashalo is a mobile app (Android and iOS) that provides fast, affordable, and secure access to quick funds.

Key Features:

  • Interest rates: 4.95% per month
  • Loan approval duration: 1-2 business days
  • Maximum limit for loans: Php10,000

Pondo Peso

Run by Fynamics Lending Inc., (SEC registered), Pondo Peso is a mobile lending app that aims to make the process of borrowing money quick and easy.

Key Features:

  • Borrow money easily, everything can be managed over the phone
  • Higher limits and lower interest rates offered to loyal and long-time users
  • Repay loan via ATM transfer
  • Loan Term
    • 91-365 days
  • Annual Interest Rate
    • Up to 10.05%
  • Service fee: 0.1% to 0.35%
  • Limit: maximum limit up to ₱150,000


Tala is an online lending platform that operates through its Android app. It’s targeted mainly to people who need quick cash loans for as small as Php1000.

Key Features:

  • Interest rates: 11% for payment on a weekly basis within 21 days or 15% for payment in full within 30 days.
  • Loan approval duration: 24 hours
  • Maximum limit for loans: Php25,000

Best Money Transfer & Remittance Apps in the Philippines

It’s never been easier to send and receive money from anywhere in the world, all thanks to the emergence of money transfer and remittance services. Here are some of the best picks for mobile use.


Available in more than 200 countries with an active user base of almost 300 million, PayPal is recognized as the largest digital fund transfer service in the world.

Key Features:

  • Fast and user-friendly
  • Transactions are done on a safe and secure platform.
  • Reliable customer service.
  • Available in more than 200 countries worldwide.


TransferWise has been in the market for eight years. It aims to make transferring funds easier by providing an online platform that allows users to send money for very little cost. It has 11 offices and 1,300 employees in 4 continents.

Key Features:

  • Can transfer as low as $1
  • Relatively high maximum transfer amount up to $49,999 a day
  • Apps available for Android and iOS
  • Adopts a mid-market exchange rate.
  • No hidden charges.


Currently available in 49 countries, Philippine users can opt to send and receive money directly to a bank account, mobile wallets, or choose from over 72,000 cash pick-up locations (Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier, any SM mall, and others)

Key Features:

  • Transferring money can be done in an instant through their app and/or website.
  • Wide array of options to receive and send money. Cash pickup option available.
  • Status updates are available for easy tracking.

Alternatively, you can use some of the top mobile wallets in the country right now to send and receive money. GCash, PayMaya, and Coins.PH, for example, all implement their own money transfer features.

Best Personal Finance Online Tools (for Taxes) in the Philippines

“Personal Finance Tools” pretty much is an umbrella term for everything we’ve listed here so far. In this section though, we’re including some of the most useful local online services that help you tackle your taxes. 


Taxumo is an end-to-end online tax service that does everything for you to manage your taxes

Key Features:

  • Full online service solution to manage your taxes
  • Easy to navigate and use, simply fill in the required information and pay the corresponding fees via your preferred method.
  • Taxumo will submit all necessary info and pay all BIR fees on your behalf.
  • Saves you time and effort by skipping the manual tax filing process.

BIR Withholding Tax Calculator

Here’s BIR’s quick and handy Withholding Tax Calculator for folks earning compensation income (non-taxed) and want to compute their withholding tax 

iMoney Income Tax Calculator

This online tax calculator easily provides you an estimate of how much you’ll pay in income tax along with the breakdown of deductions by simply entering a few details.


Moneygment is a mobile app that lets you pay your Pag-IBIG, Philhealth, SSS, bills, loans, insurance, investments, and send money to friends or relatives.

Their goal is to serve as a platform that could help self-employed individuals, OFWs, small and medium businesses, and unbanked Filipinos conveniently perform various payments and financial activities through their mobile phones.

Key features:

  • Lets you pay contributions (SSS, Pag-IBIG, Philhealth, etc.,) through a mobile app
  • Also lets you pay bills, insurance, investments, and other similar items

Over to You

We hope you found this article useful. How about you? We’re curious to know which apps and services you use often and find indispensable for managing your finances. Let us know in the comments below!

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