How to Get Gadget Insurance in the Philippines

Last Updated – Aug 15, 2023 @ 10:48 am

Filipinos pride themselves on being careful, especially when taking care of expensive purchases.

In a time when we depend on gadgets almost 24/7, what will you do if your device unexpectedly gets damaged, lost, or stolen?

This is where gadget insurance comes into the picture.

What is Gadget Insurance?

What are the chances of you dropping your new iPhone in a bowl of Sinigang?

It may be slim, but it’s never zero. We’re not saying that you should be worried about this kind of incident, but you should also be prepared for the worst.

Gadget insurance or gadget protection can give you peace of mind if something unfortunate happens to your devices because this policy safeguards your devices against hazards.

Upon filing a claim, you will be paid for the damages obtained by your gadget, or you’ll be given a new unit.

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How much does Gadget insurance cost in the Philippines?

Gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s impossible to have the same policy for everything.

How much gadget insurance costs depends on how much your device is. It can range from less than Php100 to over Php1,500 per month.

Gadget Insurance vs. Manufacturer Warranty

Gadget insurance and manufacturer insurance are very similar, but it’s not the same.

Gadget insurance offers a more comprehensive coverage compared to manufacturer insurance because it covers loss, theft, accidental physical damage, and some of the manufacturer’s warranty exclusions.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer warranty only covers manufacturer defects and malfunctions. Manufacturer warranty can only be claimed up to a certain time upon the purchase of the device.

Best Gadget & Smartphone Insurance Providers in the Philippines

We’ve rounded up the best gadget and smartphone insurance providers you can avail of below.

Maya PH

Formerly known as PayMaya, Maya is an all-in-one finance app for every Filipino. It offers a secure and user-friendly digital banking experience powered by Maya Bank that helps you save, invest, and grow your money.

Maya has expanded its services to cover gadgets through Mobile Protect. Through this plan, you can enjoy quick repair, free delivery, and lasting coverage for your gadgets.

This plan can be availed by devices that are less than 14 days old. Gadgets older than 18 months must pass the Diagnostics Test to avail of this insurance plan 


  • Accident & liquid breakage
  • Cracked screen


Price of deviceCracked Screen planAccidental andLiquid Breakage plan
Php0 to Php5,000Php21/monthPhp31/month
Php5,001 to Php10,000Php53/monthPhp79/month
Php10,001 to Php15,000Php91/monthPhp136/month
Php15,001 to Php20,000Php126/monthPhp189/month
Php20,001 to Php25,000Php160/monthPhp239/month
Php25,001 to Php40,000Php223/monthPhp333/month
Php40,001 to Php60,000Php339/monthPhp506/month
Php60,001 to Php90,000Php512/monthPhp765/month
Php90,001 to Php120,000Php676/monthPhp1,009/month
Php120,001 to Php179,999Php1,053/monthPhp1,572/month

How to get this insurance:

Go to your Maya app. On the home screen, tap “more.” Under payments, click “protect,” and select “mobile protect.”

From here, choose the package you want to avail for your smartphone. Finally, provide your personal and phone details and pay using your account. 


Formerly known as TecProtec, Bolttech is a world-leading insurtech business that offers dynamic insurance packages.

Thanks to Bolttech, you can enjoy insurance and protection packages that will give you peace of mind.

Bolltech offers easy repairs and switches for devices with customer experience in mind so you can live a better digital lifestyle at home or while you’re on the move.

Their repair package also includes pick up, repair, and delivery within 24 hours in major cities. 



  • Pick up, repair, and delivery within 24 hours in major cities
  • Accidental damage
  • Water damage
  • Out of warranty repairs
  • Online service portal


  • Swap for any reason
  • Delivered to your doorstep the next day/sooner
  • Select from the same or similar devices
  • Out of warranty repairs
  • Online service portal


  • Trade-in for all used smartphones
  • Credit towards the latest devices
  • Real-time dynamic trade-in pricing
  • Digital device diagnoses and valuation


  • Instant digital protection for new and old phones
  • Easy to use remote diagnostic tools
  • AI-optimized customer experience 


  • Upgrade device with the latest model
  • Choose a model that meets your needs
  • Freedom to change 
  • Online and customer care support

How to get this insurance:

Message Bolttech on Facebook


Considered the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company, CHUBB provides mobile and portable gadget protection that is distributed in the Philippines through its partners.

We’ve listed some below.

Smart Gadget Shield

This program offers protection services for new and old Smart postpaid subscribers for accidental damage and theft.

It also offers Smart Protect in the event of the subscriber’s passing, wherein the beneficiary will receive Php80,000 to pay for the postpaid account, and the remaining amount will be given to the assignee.

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An additional Php80,000 will be given if the subscriber passes away due to a natural disaster. 


  • Accidental damage benefit
  • Theft benefit
  • Accidental death benefit

Globe Gadget Care

CHUBB is also the gadget insurance provider for globe postpaid subscribers, offering coverage for:

  • Accidental damage
  • Theft or robbery
  • Device replacement (with worldwide coverage & next day delivery)
  • Bill protect for death or temporary disability

How to get an insurance plan:

This plan is only available through smart stores and telesales, and it is free for the first 30 days. The insurance will take effect upon receiving a new smartphone under the new connect and retention transaction. A certificate of cover will be sent to your email to confirm the insurance policy. 


Phone PriceInsurance Premium (per month)
P5,000 and belowP90
P5,001 to P15,000P180
P15,001 to P30,000P300
P30,001 to P55,000P400

Esquire Mobile Protect

Esquiretech Corp. is an aftersales provider in the Asia

Pacific mobile phone market. They have partnered with Chubb Insurance Philippines

to create the 1+1 mobileprotect device protection program, which offers 1 year

extended warranty and 1 year accidental damage insurance.


Accidental damage:

  • Liquid damage
  • Cracked display
  • Broken housing and external parts

Extended warranty:

  • +1 year of repair coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Free pick up and delivery
  • Fast repair and return


Device price rangeFee
P45,001- P50,000P3,990
P50,001- P55,000P4,350
P55,001- P60,000P4,715

How to get this insurance plan:

  • Contact 1+1 mobile protect on Facebook
  • Call +63 2 8441 1188
  • Email

HomeCredit Mobile & Portable Gadget Insurance

CHUBB has also partnered with Home Credit, the fastest

growing consumer finance company in the country, for an insurance package to

meet the device insurance needs of Home Credit customers.


Repair or replacement of:

  • Handsets
  • Laptops
  • Tablets

Damages covered:

  • Accidental and liquid breakage
  • Cracked screen

How to get this insurance plan:

This insurance is available for Home Credit customers as

part of their HC loan, and it is effective starting on the date of the loan


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Power Mac Center Protect Plus

Power Mac and Chubb have partnered to give consumers Power Mac Center Protect Plus. With this insurance, you can protect your newly purchased Apple device from any accidents.


  • Accidental damage benefit:
  • Any damage that renders the device unusable, such as, but not limited to cracked screen, and water damage.
  • Accidental death benefit (P100,000 will be given to the customer’s family)
  • Accidental medical expense benefit (up to P5,000 per incident)
  • Worldwide coverage


Device1-year coverage2-year coverage
iPhone 13 modelsP8,290P13,090
iPhone 12 modelsP6,390P10,090
iPhone 11 models P4,390P6,890
iPhone X modelsP4,190P6,590
iPhone SEP3,890P6,090
iPhone 6s modelsP2,390P3,790
iPhone 7 modelsP2,390P3,790
iPhone 8 modelsP2,390P3,790
Apple Watch Series 7P3,190P5,090
Apple Watch Series 6P2,190P3,490
Apple Watch SEP2,190P3,490
Apple Watch Series 4P2,190P3,490
Apple Watch Series 5P2,190P3,490
Apple Watch Series 1P1,590P2,590
Apple Watch Series 2P1,590P2,590
Apple Watch Series 3P1,590P2,590
iMac ProP10,490P16,590
Mac miniP5,090P7,990
Mac StudioP15,990P25,290
MacBook ProP8,890P14,090
MacBook AirP8,890P14,090
Apple TVP1,390P2,190
Pro Display XDRP15,990P25,290
Apple Studio DisplayP15,990P25,290
iPad AirP3,890P6,190
iPad miniP3,890P6,190
iPad ProP7,590P12,090

How to get this insurance plan:

This plan is available for customers of any Power Mac Center, or The Loop Store.

How to File Claims for Gadget Insurance in the Philippines

Each insurance plan has a different claims process, but it generally requires these steps:

1. Go to the nearest accredited service center in your area, or message them on Facebook. You can also call their hotline.

2. Inform the customer service personnel that you wish to avail of the gadget insurance policy for your device.

3. Fill out the necessary form and provide the required documents.

4. If your gadget needs repair, the service center attendant will oversee the repair process.

5. Once the repair is done, the service center will send the device back to your home. You can also have it delivered via courier.

Do You Really Need Gadget Insurance in the Philippines?

Gadget insurance can be a very good investment for your devices, especially if you have an expensive smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

However, there are some things to consider before getting gadget insurance coverage. Here are some questions that you may want to ask yourself.

What is your gadget worth?

How much would it cost you to buy the same gadget? The more expensive your gadget is, the more you should purchase gadget insurance coverage.

How long will you use the gadget?

The longer the gadget will be in your possession, the more likely it is to get damaged. That’s why you might want to consider getting gadget insurance.

What are the repair or replacement fees for your gadget?

Do you have the budget to handle gadget repair? Find out the repair fees from service centers in your area and assess your risk appetite.

Do you travel a lot?

This can be a good reason for you to get gadget insurance coverage. Traveling can be a risk factor for gadget damage and accidents.

For example, your gadget may get stolen while you’re on vacation.

Can you afford to lose your gadget?

How important is your gadget to you?

If your gadget is your primary means of communication or earning money, you might want to consider getting insurance.

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