10 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Promoted at Work Fast

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Grinding on a job is a no-brainer. We all have to do it.

Whether it’s a day job or something you do in the wee hours of the night, we all have to do our job and be useful to society.

Yes, it might sound condescending to those who don’t have a job yet but hear us out.

Because in this article, whether you are a new guy at work or an existing drone like the rest of us, we will tell you the steps on how you can get promoted at work… really fast.

1. Set a target goal, and stick with it.

The human brain is cluttered with so many things that we need to picture out a clear goal in order to move forward in whatever we do. But this is not always easy to do.

Again, with so many things going on, even choosing your actual goal becomes hard.

But once a goal is chosen, those unnecessary things become easier to let go. You will be able to focus on what is needed in order to succeed.

You don’t have to picture the grandest of things and get let down if you don’t get it. The important thing is to make sure that you learn what

PRO TIP: Have mini-goals that eventually affect your “end game.” With this, you get to taste small wins and get you more motivated towards your goal.

2. Strip your boss off his work

Not really, but, you get the idea.

The fastest way to get promoted is to make sure your boss does not have to work at all. By this, we mean that you should focus on doing your tasks efficiently.

Try to make it less hard for your boss by making sure that he or she does not have to have an eye on you all the time.

With this, you will be able to gain trust, something that is not given in an office scenario. Trust that you will be able to do things without being micromanaged.

Trust that you will be making life easier on your project or campaign. And eventually, trust that you will be worthy of a higher position soon.

PRO TIP: Have a balance between asking if there are things you can do, and pacing yourself. Being reliable is different from being a gopher.

3. Mark your name on the office walls

Even if you are in a small office, or in a department with a lot of people in it, you should make the effort to try to be known by everyone around you.

Attend non-mandated company meetings or gatherings. Ask someone for a “yosi break” every once in a while (even if you don’t smoke) with people other than your direct peers.

By doing this, you get your name out there, and it will be easier to get that sweet promotion if people are there to vouch for your attitude and work ethics.

Don’t be too stalker-y though. You should definitely be on the warm welcome side, rather than the nosy, annoying side of things.

PRO TIP: Managers like to promote well-known people rather than unknown ones, so it will be a good idea to befriend the closest one you can meet.

It might seem like sucking up to them, but trust us. You can go places with your ambition if you know how to connect properly with the right people.

4. Place heavy value on your teammates

This is a no-brainer. If you want to get promoted fast, you have to provide genuine value to your team.

Why? Because you want people to acknowledge all the hard work you are doing.

Offer a helping hand to your colleagues on tasks if your schedule permits it. As with the second step earlier, ask your boss if there is something you can help with.

By doing this, you promote a healthy work relationship with others, something that the higher-ups are looking for on a person they want to promote.

PRO TIP: As with the third step earlier, work relationships don’t end at work. Go and connect with your officemates as much as you can, even off work.

This way, they would know you’d have their back at work if something happens to them outside that they can’t control.

5. Avoid office politics and gossip

Engaging in ill-natured office politics is a sure fire way to NOT get that promotion.

If you think that your managers or anyone in the upper management do not know of any gossip in the office, then you are dead wrong. Word spreads around very fast, and they know the people involved in this.

You do not want to get in their radar for these kinds of things.

If people start bad mouthing something, suggest something positive in order to resolve the situation. If it is going out of control, then don’t partake in any gossip at all.

There is a delicate balance in office politics, and you don’t want to be the one tipping the scales if you are gunning for a promotion.

PRO TIP: Be a good snitch. Again, this may sound like your kissing up your boss’ ass, but it’s not. It’s all about how you word a complaint or an issue.

If you make it like you are genuinely trying to help resolve a situation, then, by all means, do it. Provide possible resolutions to problems too, as much as you can.

6. Start doing the job you are aiming for

Without being a total douche, try to slowly integrate the job of the position you are aiming for into your daily routine.

Your boss should definitely see what you are doing, and might bring you one step closer to your goal.

If you have time, ask your boss if he or she needs any help concerning a task that relates to the position you are aiming for, and do it flawlessly.

It might seem hard, since you already have something on your plate, but the more you do it, the less of a hassle it becomes. Just don’t bite off more than you can chew, because it might do more harm than good.

PRO TIP: Start doing small, yet noticeable things first. For example, if you are aiming for a subject matter expert position, learn all the ropes of your job.

Then if people are asking something, go be that guy who can provide information other that your team leaders or bosses.

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7. Make money. Simple.

If you are adding monetary value at your work, then it’s a huge boon towards getting your promotion. Simple as that.

Money speaks, and the more money you can earn for your company, the more value you will have.

This doesn’t mean that you have to grind till you drop though.

Understanding the basic principles of ROI can net you tons of points from your bosses, especially if you are making them as effective as possible.

Make them money, and in turn, you get a better title shot.

PRO TIP: Start with optimizing what needs to be done. Offer alternatives to current business processes that will lighten up on the expenses of the company.

Also, keep in mind that the best way to earn money for a company is not to add to the expenses, so make sure you aren’t doing anything stupid to make your company spend more.

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8. Announce your intention to get promoted

Your bosses are much more understanding than you think, hence, they won’t be in that position at all.

Tell them you are aiming for a certain position, and ask them what you can do in order to get there in a short amount of time possible.

More often than not, team leaders and managers offer advice on how you can better yourself in order to get to a certain position.

PRO TIP: Be as detailed as possible. Provide a time frame on when you want to be promoted, and listen intently on how you can achieve it.

Your bosses love people who are aiming for a better position in the company, because it means that they made the right decision in choosing you to work for them.

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9. Commit to your job

This by far is the hardest thing to do in this list.

Committing to a job is harder than you think, especially if the daily wear and tear gets to you fast.

You have to steel your resolve in order to get promoted, and you will get beaten down by stress ever so often.

PRO TIP: Don’t get sloppy on your work quality. This shows that even though you are in a high-pressure environment, you can keep your cool and still do things on time without sacrificing quality.

This is an inherent trait that bosses are looking for on someone they want to promote.

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10. Be more than who you are

As vague as it may seem, this is the one rule you should always follow if you want to get promoted fast.

Think outside the box, apply your good ideas, and eliminate distractions.

Aiming for a higher position means you should be more than what you are at the current moment.

A new position means getting new challenges that your current self might not be able to handle if you do not force yourself to grow.

Be more than who you are, and conquer every last challenge you face.

PRO TIP: Start with yourself. Schedule your day properly, allowing yourself to get ample time to rest so you won’t get burned out the next day.

Study more about your job and the position you are aiming for, and apply your new knowledge to what you are doing. Integrate new technologies and skills that will help you achieve better results in work.

BONUS TIP: Get an MBA Degree.

How to ask for a promotion? [Bonus]

Since we have the “Announce your intention to get promoted” on the list, you might be wondering just how you must approach this in order to have a higher chance to get that sweet spot you’ve been aiming for.

Well, here are some tips on how you can to do it.

1. Document everything you have done in the past

Make a solid study or a presentation on why you are eligible for a promotion will definitely help your case when asking for a promotion.

Here are some things you might want

  • Include your past achievements and extra responsibilities
  • Relay how you became more efficient since you started
  • Also, include how your current performance is beyond what is expected of you
  • Add in any financial impact you have made for the company

2. Get references from colleagues

This is where the efforts of you taking the time to socialize and network goes.

Your good connections with people will give you plus points when your boss calls them up and asks for your work ethic and attitude.

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3. Check open job listings first

You might have already done this if you already have a goal in mind, but it is good to get up to date with the current available posts that your company is looking for.

If the one you are gunning for is not already unavailable, you might want to check lateral job posts and see if it suits you.

4. Time your approach

Schedule a meeting with your boss on a time where the workload is light, and the day is slower than usual. Catch your boss in his or her best mentality.

Make sure he’s not in a bad mood. If your boss is in one, you might want to reschedule your meeting at a later time.

5. Be confident, respectful, and specific

When you are already in the meeting, remember that you are eating up hours of your boss’ time to talk to him or her.

Make sure you are going to be direct to the point on what you want, but do it in a confident yet respectful manner. Going up the ladder requires a good ego, but a humble personality.

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6. Don’t forget where you came from

If everything goes well (or even if it doesn’t), make sure you thank your boss for his time, and to thank every other person you owe for giving a good word about you.

Having people supporting you will always be a huge boon to whatever it is that you are going to be facing from now on.

These are but a mere list of ten things you can do in order to get promoted (and how to approach it).

All you have to do now is to grit your teeth and face the new day head on.

Getting promoted in a job is not easy, but it’s not impossible either.

Aim higher, and go the distance. Good luck!

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