Best Home WiFi & Fiber Internet Broadband Plans in the Philippines

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Quick Take

What’s the best internet service provider in the Philippines?

Admittedly, this is a tricky question since the performance of internet service providers ultimately depends on your area. That said, PLDT is the overall winner when it comes to coverage, variety of plans, and speed in numerous locations. However, there are downsides to PLDT such as poor customer support, as well as frequent internet connection issues.
Before deciding on an internet provider, it is always best to ask peers that live in the same area as you for recommendations. 

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In today’s hyper-connected world, one of the biggest annoyances you can have is a crappy internet connection.

Imagine doing a Skype meeting with potential clients when all of a sudden you’re staring at a “Connection Lost” pop-up. Yikes.

So much for landing that deal.

The Internet has made its way so deep into our lives that it’s practically a necessity. From doing cashless payments to researching online for your next business idea, a reliable and speedy internet connection is essential.

Ookla, the company behind the popular internet speed testing service Speedtest, shows that our average fixed broadband and mobile speeds as of February 2022 sit at 49.10 Mbps and 18.9 Mbps respectively.

While recent speed averages show significant improvements, checking the global averages show that our average fixed broadband speed is still only barely half of the global median of 60.76 Mbps (Feb 2022).

Clearly, there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

Why Internet in the Philippines is slow & expensive

Our country is made up of 7,100 islands, which makes construction of fixed networks harder to accomplish.

This slow development in the addition of new ICT infrastructures (cell towers, fiber optic cables, etc) is what is believed to be the main reason for the poor internet connection.

It should be noted as well that governments from other countries actively invest in the construction of these much-needed infrastructures, while here in our country the task rests mainly on the shoulders of the private sector.

Even neighboring countries like Vietnam receive crucial ICT investments from their government that’s why they enjoy better internet speeds.

Reports of a third major telco player have been buzzing around in the last few months, though nothing has been confirmed yet as of this time.

We can only cross our fingers for now that this new player brings us the much needed boost and improvement so that everyone can enjoy affordable, fast and reliable internet services.

Top Internet Service Providers in the Philippines

Let’s take a closer look at the current popular players and their service offerings.

1. Converge ICT Solutions

One of the fastest-growing ISPs, Converge has established itself as an excellent option when it comes to high-speed internet.

They offer a wide selection of plans that starts at only Php1,500 monthly for speeds of up tp 100Mbps.

Best Internet Broadband Plans from Converge:

PlanSpeedDownload LimitPrice
Fiber X 1500100MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,500
Fiber X 2500300MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,500
Fiber X 3500800MbpsUnlimitedPhp 3,500
Fiber HomeBase 1899150MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,899
Fiber HomeBase 1500100MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,500
FlexiBIZ DAY 5050MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 8080MbpsUnlimitedPhp 4,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 120120MbpsUnlimitedPhp 6,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 150150MbpsUnlimitedPhp 8,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 200200MbpsUnlimitedPhp 12,000
FlexiBIZ DAY 300300MbpsUnlimitedPhp 15,000


  • 1 Valid ID: (Any Government-issued ID or Company ID)
  • Proof of Residency/Proof of Billing
  • Proof of income (most recent ITR, COE, Credit Card Statement, or Bank Statement)

Fees and Charges:

  • Installation Fee of PHP 2,500


  • Pure end-to-end fiber-optic connectivity for the price of a postpaid DSL connection
  • Highest ranking among ISPs in the Philippines in terms of Netflix performance
  • Provides the best value for money with the Fiber X 1500 plan (100Mbps for Php 1,500 monthly)
  • No monthly data cap for all plans
  • Fully online application process through the Converge Self-Serve Portal


  • Limited coverage areas—mostly available only in Metro Manila and nearby provinces (Cavite, Pampanga, Rizal, etc.)
  • Difficulty of reaching a customer service representative through the Converge hotline
  • 24-month lock-in period
  • No landline, device, cable service, or any freebie bundled with the internet plan

2. One SKY

Being the country’s top and longest operating cable TV provider allowed the company to expand its reach to internet services.

They bundled up their cable offerings with broadband services and came up with packages that provide plenty of value to their subscribers.

Best Internet Broadband Plans from SKY:

PlanSpeedDownload LimitPrice
One SKY Lite 6994Mbps20GBPhp 699
One SKY Lite 9998Mbps40GBPhp 999
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband 99920MbpsUnlimitedPhp 999
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband 129945MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,299
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband 169985MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,699
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband 2299170MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,299
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband 2799200MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,799
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband 3499200MbpsUnlimitedPhp 3,499
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband + HD Cable TV 169965MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,699
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband + HD Cable TV 2499135MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,499
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband + HD Cable TV 2999200MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,999


  • Complete and submit the application form on their website

Fees and Charges:

  • SKY Lite Plans Initial Cash Out = P1,799
  • Premium Plans Initial Cash Out = P1,000 (for broadband only) and P2,000 (for broadband + HD Cable TV).
  • Streaming Plans:
    • VivaMax = P149/month
    • Viu = P99/month
    • HBO GO = P99/month


  • Cheapest unlimited fiber plan at Php 999/month for 20Mbps
  • Some unlimited broadband plans bundled with either SKY Evo (for HD cable TV) or TP-Link WiFi Mesh (for Home Wi-Fi)
  • SKY Fiber Unli Broadband Plans bundled with HD TV service also have free access to local TV channels, iWant streaming, as well as add-on plans for VivaMax, Viu, and HBO GO.
  • No monthly data cap for all fiber plans
  • Very active customer support (via Twitter @SkyServes)


  • Uses a combination of fiber optics and coaxial cable to provide fiber-powered internet (instead of pure fiber optics)
  • Limited coverage areas—mostly available only in Metro Manila, some parts of Luzon (Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal, etc.), and a few provinces in the south (Cebu, Davao, etc.)


The telco giant has been around for decades.

From dial-up connections to DSL, they are pioneers when it comes to providing internet services in the Philippines.

Best Internet Broadband & Fiber Plans from PLDT:

PlanSpeedDownload LimitPrice
PLDT Fibr Unli Plan 1699200MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,699
PLDT Fibr Unli Plan 2099400MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,099
PLDT Fibr Unli Plan 2699600MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,699
PLDT Fibr Plan 1000 Mbps1000MbpsUnlimitedAvailable Upon Request
PLDT Fibr Plus Plan 2399400MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,399
PLDT Fibr Plus Plan 2999600MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,999
Asenso Fiber Plan 1599100MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,599
Asenso Fiber Plan 2099200MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,099
MyOwnWiFi 64925MbpsUnlimitedPhp 649
MyOwnWiFi 849100MbpsUnlimitedPhp 849
MyOwnWiFi 1049200MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,049
MyOwnWiFi 1349400MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,349


  • 1 valid government-issued ID
  • Complete and submit the application form on their website

Fees and Charges:

  • Modem and Installation fee varies across plans (please check PLDT’s website for updated values)


  • Wide coverage areas nationwide
  • Speedtest Awards winner for fixed network speed in the Philippines
  • Unli Fibr plans bundled with free landline
  • Fiber Plus plans bundled with Lionsgate Play, landline phone, and Whole Home WiFi (three TP-Link mesh devices for stable internet speeds and no dead spots)
  • No monthly data cap for all plans


  • Most expensive rates for plans with speeds of 50Mbps and 100Mbps
  • Slow technical service—takes around one week to fix connectivity issues

4. Smart Bro Home Wifi

Smart Communications, Inc., the leader and pioneer of 5G in the Philippines, is set on bringing wireless fiber-like speeds to the homes of Filipinos.

This is made possible through the Smart Bro Home WiFi 5G.  

This service is awesome for families and households that use multiple gadgets simultaneously. It is also easy to plug and use, and there’s no need to wait for installation because you can set it up yourself.  

It is worth noting that Smart nabbed the first place in the fastest mobile and fixed broadband internet speed test conducted by Speedtest Intelligence.

SMART Bro Home WiFi (Prepaid) Plans:

PlanData allocationPriceDuration
Unli Fam 599Unlimited to all sites and apps (for individual use)P59930 days
Unli Fam 999Unlimited to all sites and apps (for family sharing)P99930 days
Famload Video 1499100 GB for all sites & apps, 30 GB for video apps/sitesP1,49930 days
Giga Video Pro 99990 GB for videos, 24 GB all sitesP99930 days
Magic Data 39924 GB shareable data for all sitesP399No Expiry

Your account can be managed real-time on the GigaLife app. Famload Video, Famload Video Plus, GIGA, and GIGA Pro promos are available here. 

Smart Bro is also bringing back Double Data to provide twice the data allocation on FamLoad and Giga offers to cover activities related to entertainment, school, or work.  


  • P995 for device (can connect up to 5 devices, with free 10 GB data valid for 7 days)
  • P1,995 for Prepaid Home WiFi Advanced (up to 10 devices, with free 10 GB data for 7 days, and 2x faster LTE than other SMART Bro Home WiFi devices)
  • P15,995 for Home WiFi 5G (WiFi 6 technology, up to 10 devices, and with free 20 GB data for 7 days)


  • Great for videos
  • Fast download speed


  • Dependent on smart signal
  • Will get deactivated after 180 days of zero promo subscription or load

5. DITO Telecommunity

The Philippines now has a third major telco player. DITO Telecommunity has been launched in several areas in the country, receiving rave reviews for its internet speed and reliability.

Best Internet Plans From Dito

PlanSpeedDownload LimitMonthly Price
DITO 5G Home WiFi 590up to 500Mbps100 GBPhp 590
DITO 5G Home WiFi 990up to 500Mbps200 GBPhp 990
DITO 5G Home WiFi 1490up to 500Mbps340 GBPhp 1490
DITO 5G Home WiFi 1990up to 500Mbps500 GBPhp 1990


  • Accomplished application form
  • Valid ID

Fees and charges:

  • Starter Kit P12,990 (comes with 50 GB of all access data and 3 months of free subscription to HBO Go)


  • No maximum limit for number of devices that can be connected
  • Minimum download speed of 10Mbps at 80% reliability


  • Available only in key areas in the country
  • Has a data cap

6. Globe Broadband

The Ayala-owned communications company is Smart’s (under PLDT) long-time rival and the competition continues in the land of broadband internet.

Best Internet Broadband Plans from Globe:

PlanSpeedDownload LimitPrice
GFiber Flex Plan 89925Mbps300GBPhp 899
GFiber UNLI 1699150MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,699
GFiber UNLI 2099300MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,099
GFiber UNLI 2499500MbpsUnlimitedPhp 2,499
Globe At Home Unli 3499800MbpsUnlimitedPhp 3,499
Globe At Home Unli 74991GpsUnlimitedPhp 7,499


  • Complete and submit the application form on their website

Fees and Charges:

  • For UNLI Broadband plans, a fee of P2,500 (DSL) or P4,500 (VDSL/FIBER) needs to be paid during installation


  • Wide fiber availability nationwide
  • All Unli plans, except for Flex Plan 899, come with freebies:
    • Free landline with unli call to Globe and TM subscribers
    • 3 month free access to Viu Premium, HBO Go, Prime Video, and Discovery+
    • 3 month free access to KonsultaMD
  • Offers a plan with the fastest speed of up to 1Gbps for Php 7,499
  • Cheapest and bang-for-the-buck deals for plans with a speed of 150Mbps and up
  • Offers a no lock-up option for UNLI Plans 2499 and 3499 with a three-month trial period (but with a one-time modem fee of Php 4,500)
  • Promptly action to restore internet connection


  • Most expensive rates for plans with a speed of 50Mbps or lower
  • 24-month lock-in period for most plans
  • Requires proof of income for Unli Plans 2499 and above

7. Red Fiber

Powered by MERALCO’s Radius Telecoms in partnership with Cignal TV, Red Fiber offers tons of versatile plans for consumers that range from 10 Mbps to 400 Mbps.

Although it faces high-speed internet giants in the Philippines, Red Fiber remains hopeful that it can serve a huge chunk of Filipino households.

Currently, it is only available in Metro Manila and its nearby provinces, as well as Cebu. It is expanding to Iloilo and Bacolod soon.

The lock-in period for Broadband and TV plans is 24 months. Meanwhile, the upgrades/add-ons only have a minimum lock-in of 1 month.

Internet Plans from Red Fiber

Dual Play 1299/month15 MbpsP1,299Comes with Free Cignal TV (95 channels
Dual Play 1699/month35 MbpsP1,699Comes with Free Cignal TV (95 channels
Dual Play 2399/month50 MbpsP2,399Comes with Free Cignal TV (95 channels
Dual Play 2999/month100 MbpsP2,999Comes with Free Cignal TV (95 channels
Dual Play 4499/month200 MbpsP4,499Comes with Free Cignal TV (95 channels
Dual Play 7399/month400 MbpsP7,399Comes with Free Cignal TV (95 channels

Internet- Only plans

PlanSpeedPriceOther details
Internet Only – 1499/month15 MbpsP1,499100% Fiber internet
Internet Only – 1549/month35 MbpsP1,549100% Fiber internet
Internet Only – 2249/month50 MbpsP2,249100% Fiber internet
Internet Only – 2849/month100 MbpsP2,849100% Fiber internet
Internet Only – 4349/month200 MbpsP4,349100% Fiber internet
Internet Only – 7249/month400 MbpsP7,249100% Fiber internet

Not sure if you want to commit to their internet plans? Try the Red 90-Day Guarantee  where you can subscribe to the Internet Only or Dual Play Plans 100 MBPS and below without any commitment for 90 Days.


  • Accomplished RED Fiber Subscriber Application Form (SAF)
  • At least 1 valid government-issued ID
  • At least 1 valid proof of billing


  • P3,000 installation fee


  • Consistent speed
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Complete entertainment package


  • Only available in limited areas

8. Starlink

Unlike other internet providers in the country which work through optical fibers or cables, Starlink is a satellite internet service provider which sends data through radio signals sent through space.

Because there’s no need to install wires, Starlink can bring high-speed internet even to poorly connected areas. 

It is made possible by the network of satellites launched by SpaceX which experience a high latency. This refers to the time it takes to send data from one point to another.

Starlink satellites are launched 60 times closer to Earth, which makes way for a high-speed and low-latency internet experience. 

Currently, there are 1,200 satellites in operation which contribute to creating a network of high-speed internet. In the coming years, Starlink is expected to increase this number to 40,000. 

Connection speed

Starlink can provide download speeds of up to 200Mbps in the Philippines.

As the number of satellites increases, the connection speed is also expected to improve. 

It is important to note that Elon Musk of SpaceX mentioned that cellular will always have an advantage in highly-populated urban areas. Satellites are best used for low to medium population density areas. 


Starlink’s monthly rate is P2,700, without a contract. The hardware fee is P29,320


  • Can provide internet to “unreachable” areas
  • Easy to install
  • Stable internet even after disasters 
  • Reliable internet speed


  • Expensive starting kit and monthly rate
  • Not as portable as cellular internet
  • Slow internet in high-density cities
  • Service disruption may happen during rains or storms 

How to apply: 

Visit the Starlink Map portal, input your address, and place your order. 


RISE stands for Responsible Internet Sustainability Effort, a newcomer ISP that focuses on bringing fiber internet to enterprises.

They promise “Uncongested, full speed, fiber internet for your business”.

Best Internet Broadband Plans from RISE:

PlanSpeedDownload LimitMonthly Price
RISE SME Plan100Mbps (up to 10 users)UnlimitedPhp 10,000
RISE Enterprise Plan Small50Mbps (up to 25 users)Unlimited$700
RISE Enterprise Plan Medium75Mbps (up to 35 users)Unlimited$1,000
RISE Enterprise Plan Large200Mbps (up to 100 users)Unlimited$2,000
RISE Enterprise Plan Custom250+Mbps (100+ users)UnlimitedVisit their site for a quote


  • Complete and submit the application form on their website

Fees and Charges:

  • Contact RISE for Additional Info

10. Streamtech

Streamtech is one of the Philippines’ newest internet service providers (ISPs). This upstart company prides itself on its unlimited high-speed internet plans, cable TV services through Planet Cable, and the cable TV and internet package deals.

Streamtech is powered by its own fiber-optic backbone link, which they state is a key factor in its ability to provide consistently fast speeds at an affordable price point. 

The company offers internet plans for both residential and business customers in selected areas in the country, with the eventual goal of operating nationwide. 

Internet Plans from Streamtech:

PlanSpeedDownload LimitPrice
Fiber Internet + Planet Cable TV Plan 1499up tp 20MbpsUnlimitedPhp 1,499
Fiber Internet + Planet Cable TV Plan 1999 up tp 25Mbps Unlimited Php 1,999
Fiber Internet + Planet Cable TV Plan 2499 up tp 50Mbps Unlimited Php 2,499
Fiber Internet + Planet Cable TV Plan 2999 up tp 75Mbps Unlimited Php 2,999
Fiber Internet + Planet Cable TV Plan 3999 up tp 150Mbps Unlimited Php 3,999
Fiber Internet Plan 1499up tp 25Mbps Unlimited Php 1,499
Fiber Internet Plan 1999 up tp 50Mbps Unlimited Php 1,999
Fiber Internet Plan 2499 up tp 75Mbps Unlimited Php 2,499
Fiber Internet Plan 3499 up tp 150Mbps Unlimited Php 3,499

They also offer plans for SMEs and enterprise-level companies:

Streamtech Biz – Direct Access Internet (Plan 6999)Php 6,999
Streamtech Biz – Shared Access Internet (Plan 1999)Php 1,999


  • For Residential Customers
    • 1 valid ID
    • 1 recent proof of billing, such as a water or electricity bill. 
  • For Businesses (sole proprietor)
    • Business permit – either from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or from your city mayor’s office
    • Signed proposal
  • For Corporations
    • Any one of the following 3 documents from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC):
      • General information sheet
      • SEC registration
      • SEC certificate
    • Signed proposal

Serviceable Areas:

Streamtech presently offers its services to a limited number of areas in Luzon, with a small presence in Western Visayas. 

As it expands, we expect the company to expand into more and more cities across the Philippines.

The following Luzon provinces are currently serviced by Streamtech:

  • Ilocos Norte
  • Bulacan
  • Nueva Ecija
  • Pampanga
  • Bataan
  • Cavite
  • Laguna
  • Batangas
  • Rizal
  • Quezon
  • Camarines Sur
  • Las Piñas
  • Muntinlupa
  • Taguig 

Only two Western Visayas provinces are currently supported by Streamtech: Guimaras and Iloilo.


If you are a long-time customer of one of the few established ISPs in the country, you may be itching for something new, which Streamtech clearly is. 

But because Streamtech is a new entrant to the ISP market, there is no real track record of their service or products—making it difficult to state definitively what the company’s pros are, if any. 

  • Streamtech may be a better fit right now for those on a budget, as they offer a fiber internet plan for just 1,499 a month, with speeds of 25Mbps. This is cheaper than PLDT’s cheapest offering, which is 1,699 a month, though PLDT offers speeds of 35Mbps to make up for the price disparity. 
  • Streamtech might also be a better value proposition to customers who also need cable TV services with their internet connection, which the company offers in value-added bundles. 


While Streamtech markets itself heavily as an up-and-coming ISP, none of their current offerings fares well when stacked against what more established ISPs can offer at every price point. 

For instance, though Streamtech’s 1499 plan (25Mbps) compares favorably with PLDT’s cheapest plan, it lags behind Globe’s identically-priced plan, which offers speeds of up to 35Mbps—which is also what Converge offers with their FiberX1500 plan. 

The disparity becomes starker the higher up you go in price. 

The most expensive plan on Streamtech’s roster is PHP3,499 a month, with speeds of up to 150Mbps. 

For just PHP300 more per month, you can get speeds of 200MBps with PLDT. Or you can just pay essentially the same price—technically one peso more per month—with Converge or Globe and still reach speeds of 200Mbps. 

Types of Broadband Plans in the Philippines

Knowing how much data you will likely consume every month will help you decide which type of package to choose.

Capped Data Allowance

The data allotment of this type of internet plan is limited. However, this plan is usually cheaper compared to those with unlimited data and often comes with a wireless connection. Most prepaid Wi-Fi connections have capped data allowance, but there are also postpaid broadband plans that are capped. For example, you can choose a postpaid plan that will give you 150GB at 10Mbps per month.

Unlimited Data Allowance

Compared to broadband plans with capped data allowances, those that offer unlimited data often cost more. Unlimited plans can be wired or fiber connections, though mobile packages are wireless.

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DSL vs. Fiber

One of the best developments we’ve been experiencing in recent years is the continuous spread and adaptation of Fiber internet connection.

And while it’s a given that it’s vastly superior over DSL, the main thing that hinders it from reaching more homes is—you guessed it—availability.

As mentioned earlier, the infrastructure needs to be laid down first so new connections can be made on a specific area.

That’s the reason why those sign-up pages on Telco sites always require you to enter your exact location first, they need to confirm if they already have existing fiber infrastructure near your place.

In terms of speed, DSL only reaches up to 15Mbps. Fiber, on the other hand, is 100x faster and speeds can go as fast as 500Mbps.

Mobile Data vs. Home Broadband

Home broadband is a type of internet connection that can be transmitted via fiber optics, wireless, cable, DSL, and satellite. Mobile data, on the other hand, uses your phone’s 3G, 4G, or 5G network to connect to the internet.

With home broadband, a modem or router provides broadband internet connection over the phone line, through a cable (DSL) or a fiber-optic cable. These days, internet service providers also offer LTE routers as an alternative.

You can have high-speed home internet through these LTE routers without having to use mobile data. Portable Wi-Fi routers that have an LTE connection are also used. They allow multiple devices to access the internet at the same time.

On the other hand, mobile data is the data allowance on your SIM card. This can be either prepaid or postpaid. A router is not needed because the SIM card allows your mobile phone or other internet-enabled devices, such as a tablet, to access the internet.

Your internet-enabled device can also be used as a hotspot, which is similar to a Wi-Fi router.

What is MBPS?

These days, there are many internet plans that are being offered, and it can be overwhelming having to choose one that best suits your needs.

However, knowing some internet connection basics will definitely help lessen the confusion. First, you need to understand how bandwidth is different from internet speed.

In the Philippines, most internet providers market their internet plans according to Mbps. Some people do not really understand what Mbps is, so they have false expectations when they subscribe to an internet plan.

Internet speed is how fast data can be uploaded or downloaded.

On the other hand, bandwidth is how much data can be uploaded or downloaded. 1 Megabit/s is equal to 0.125 Gigabytes per second. For example, if the internet speed is 10Mbps, a 1GB file can be downloaded in 13.3 minutes.

Basically, when internet providers advertise 10Mbps, they mean that the internet connection’s combined speed and bandwidth are 10Mbps or 10 megabits of data per second. Therefore, a high Mbps means more information can be transferred at a faster rate.

However, you might have seen the phrase “up to [X] Mbps” in the fine print of some internet provider’s ad. “Up to” refers to the internet connection’s maximum capacity in favorable conditions, so this is not a guarantee that you will have the same internet speed at all times.

To give you an idea of how much Mbps is needed for certain tasks, here is a table based on the [1]stats provided by Boingo, the internet provider of the LAX.

ActivitiesMbps Needed
Casual web surfing, checking email, streaming standard-definition videos2-4Mbps
Streaming high-definition videos at 720p, downloading some videos (might take roughly 20 minutes); good web surfing experience4-6Mbps
Streaming high-definition videos at 1080p, downloading some videos; excellent web surfing experience6-10Mbps
Reliable for streaming content and making fast downloads10-20Mbps
Running many applications at the same time (good for business reasons)20+Mbps
via LA Times

How Data Allocation Works

Everything done on the internet requires data. This means that if you get a 5GB data allocation or data allowance per month, you can upload or download 5 gigabytes of information in a month.

You can make a rough estimate of the data allowance you will likely need in a month by identifying the online activities that you do. Here are a few common [2]activities online and the estimated amount of data used in each activity:

Online ActivityData Consumption
Downloading a photo5MB
Streaming music (10 songs)80MB
Playing games online (1 hour)43MB
Streaming videos, like YouTube (1 hour) 429MB
Streaming a TV service online, Netflix (1 hour) 644MB
Streaming standard-definition movies (2 hours)1.9GB
Streaming high-definition movies (2 hours) 4.2GB
via Forbes

How to Choose the Best Internet Service Provider (and Plan) in the Philippines

There are factors you need to consider when choosing an internet service provider. We have listed them down to help you decide.

1. What You Will Use The Internet Connection For

Do you need an internet connection for your job? Are you planning to do business online? Is it for your child’s online classes?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need a reliable internet connection. You will have to choose an internet service provider with a solid track record of reliable performance.

Choose the plan that will provide you a good balance of price and performance.

2. How Many Internet-Enabled Devices Will Connect To The Internet At The Same Time

Needless to say, the more devices that are used to access the internet, the more that your internet speed will decrease.

If you know how many users and devices will connect to the internet, then you will know how much data allowance you will need and what internet speed will likely give you a better internet experience.

3. Which Internet Plan Has The Best Value For Money

At the outset, you need to decide how much you are willing to spend on your internet connection. This will help narrow down your options.

Different internet service providers (ISP) in the Philippines have plenty of offerings but not all of these offers suit every budget.

Once you have identified your budget, take a look at what different ISPs offer at that price range. Some might have added benefits that others do not offer.

4. The Coverage

Unfortunately, there are still areas in the country that are out of reach of certain internet service providers (ISP).

Even though a particular ISP might have the best offering, if it is not available in your area, then you still cannot get their service.

5. The Internet Speed

Not all internet service providers (ISP) are the same. There are those that shine in specific areas.

However, speed is definitely one of the top things you need to consider when choosing an internet plan, especially if you do a lot of streaming and play online games. Higher speeds will cost you, though.

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6. The Best Promos

You should keep your eyes peeled for promos. Every once in a while, different internet service providers (ISP) in the country announce special offers.

These offers can be your chance to try a different internet plan from your ISP or switch to another ISP altogether.

If you have more questions, feel free to comment below.

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Internet Plans in the Philippines FAQs

Still got questions about internet service providers in the Philippines? Keep on reading. 

How can I measure the speed of my internet connection?

The fastest and easiest way you can do this is by running a test on

Can I get internet without a long-term contract in the Philippines?

Most internet providers in the Philippines have a 24-month lock-in commitment.

If you prefer no commitment for your internet, Globe has a no lock-up option for UNLI Plans 2499 and 3499. These plans have a three-month trial period. You also need to shell out P4,500 for the modem.

What should I look for when comparing internet plans?

Aside from price and features, you should also consider its reliability, customer service, and coverage in your location. 

Are there any additional fees associated with internet plans?

Aside from monthly subscriptions, internet providers in the Philippines may charge an additional fee for the modem and installation.

Always make sure to ask your provider about this. 

What’s the difference between broadband and fiber internet?

Normal broadband uses copper circuits. Fiber-based internet, on the other hand, has higher speeds and is capable of delivering more data. It uses fiber optic cables, which can transmit more data.

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  1. Dax says

    Thank you for the complete, clear, and up-to-date information. I’ve been Google-ing since last week and could really use some help. Mabuhay ka!

  2. Ruth says

    I was just offered a line by PLDT the bundle plan with landline using fiber optics 3mbps 1299 a month. Looks like I am being lured towards the shorter end of the stick, based on the data you provided. Should I be concerned? 1299 pesos instead of 699 pesos. That sounds fishy to me. Thanks for your help. Ruth M. Naga City, Camarines Sur

    • says

      Hi Ruth,

      Thanks for dropping by. The 699 plan from PLDT has a 30GB limit per month, I guess what they’re offering to you is the unlimited one, which we’ve also listed above 🙂

      Though, I’m personally not a fan of their service – and still waiting to see & try the third telco.

    • Paul Reeves says

      Internet service in Philippines is horrible. I have a plan with Convergence and I am getting 1.5 mbps with .05 mbps download. Yes I said .05. I have complained numerous times and have been told it because of the rainy season all the way to some kind of interference. I worked in this industry and know when it’s bullshit. What do you suggest I do?

      • Glenn says

        Converge is still the best ISP in the Philippines. I suggest to keep contact their support and push them to visit your area to check. Push and push until die.

        • donald says

          Converge don’t have customer service or support
          have be calling them daily in 6 month and nothing NOTHING happens there

        • Eric T. says

          Hahaha. This is so laughable. I’ve been a Converge subscriber for 7 mos and I didn’t bother to finish their contract. It was only good while it lasted. You must be workin for Converge.

  3. Jay says

    Btw telco CONVERGE ICT is incompetent and unprofessional!! Schedule nmen for yesteday for installation (Jan 4, 2019 after 1 month of waiting and bayad n kme 1month ago pa) so okay lng antay…. Then Jan 4 dumating sub contractor nila na mga lineman sabe bawal daw kc malayo node na inassign smen.. so hnde nilagyan the nextday day daw nila llgyan which is today yun… We waited the entire day wla dmating tntwagan ko lineman nirereject twag ko.. tmtwag ako s hotline ng converge wala aabutin ka knbukasan bago ka my mkausap try nyo tmwag so pag nagkaproblem net nyo asahan nyo palapak na response time.. Nadamay lng ako sa hype dhil okay daw service so far as I can see same lng yan ng mga other ISP wla pa kcng customer kya ganun eh nung dumame na naubusan daw modem… Just to add sbe sken nung ahente kaya daw di nilagyan ako ng net kc di ko pinamireyenda dpat daw pinmiryenda ko muna pra nilagay agad net at di na gmwa ng dhilan n kung ano ano.. So magupgrade n lng kyo ng fiber s existing provider nyo.. Wala pa kcng customer yan msyado kaya mabilis daw and btw backend nya either PLDT or GLOBE lng…. Ako pinacancel ko na application dyan at nagaask ako ng refund papaupgrade ko na lng globe ko or balik pldt mag pa fibre n lng ako s knila… Hnde pwde icompare ang service ng 1 customer at 100 customer ratio na isp.. Partida na baguhan p lng yan at wla pa msyado customer kita na agad kapalpakan at unprofessionalism.. ja

    • Rye says

      technically yes. We are on an island, the island of Luzon. As an archipelagic country we are not attached to mainland.

  4. Maria victoria gonzales says

    PLDT fiber is very fast but service is super slow. If you have any concerns, you have to wait for months, yes, months before they move

    • Romina Cristobal says

      Thank you for this review!

      We’ve been a PLDT Fiber Plan 1299 subscriber for 29 months and it has been satisfactory. Only on the 30th and 31st months, we lost connection for unknown reasons. Despite constant follow ups through facebook and landline calls (which is really a hassle since it takes up too much time), we have been disconnected for 14 days now. I’ve been reading comments of PLDT clients with the same issue and for longer periods of time (some for a month or more). So my husband and I decided to have the account terminated before we get stressed and keep on paying for a service we are unable to use. Still thinking now which provider can offer fast internet and reliable customer service. Any suggestion for Baesa, Quezon City area? Thank you.

  5. bugs bunny says

    the list / information is very useful and from what i can see sky cable seems to offer the best in terms of cost and data and also from what i hear from a couple of people i know using Sky cable is their service is pretty reliable

    the biggest issue for me is the cost of these packages paying x amount and only getting very little data allowance in return.

    i am currently using Sun/Smart using their gigasurf 50 granted it gives unli all net texts but for 50 pesos the 1GB data allowance is not enough when considering the advances in tech these days web browsing can eat up a fair chunk of that data and lets not forget that we have devices that needs updating and frankly when you got such little data it makes it impossible for one to do such updates

    sadly i am stuck with Smart at the moment because the owner of where i live wont allow me to have Sky cable installed but if i had the chance to get sky cable i would soon tell smart where they can shove their service right up their a$$ as i have never in my life experienced such poor service..

    but back to pricing and data allowances i have been around a bit many other countries and when you compare other countries and what they offer it really puts the likes of Globe, Smart and PLDT to shame

    but we are faced with this very common problem when it comes to internet service providers is greed they are more interested in making huge profits and over selling service hence why such little data speeds low and high prices and yes many ISPs world over does these dirty tricks but here in Philippines they are at it big time just look at how Smart’s service is half the time the speeds / service is crippled

    the reality is these telcos / ISPs need a massive overhaul and have proper upgrades done and focus more on customer satisfaction as their top priority and offer more realistic speeds and data at fair prices

    for example what would be fair would be to have a connection with a minimum of 8 Mbps speed unlimited data at 1,000 that is fair price to pay but if you want extra speed then maybe charge for extra Mbps

    bottom line is these telcos / ISPs need to put customer first as a happy customer will remain a loyal customer…..

    oh as i see listed here for Sun Cellular the nonstop promos are no longer working and that is quite sad for me as i used to be able to download using nonstop and bypass the stream allowances as they would only offer 100MB for youtube a good VPN could give unlimited

    all in all time for us all to stand up and get what is fair and put an end to over priced internet

    • Victor says

      Skycable suck, i request for service transfer within same condo building for a month but no one come. Keep telling to be patient etc. Said they called me, but it only rang twice and then hang up. I tried to call back and text no anwser and reply. I even sent load to them so they can call or text me. But nothing. It’s like dealing with scam company.

    • John says

      Sky Cable has a problem with frequent service outages. There have been 28 service outages and counting since January 1, 2021. They don’t automatically credit your account for days when you don’t have access to the internet unless you specifically request it. My credit requests were overlapping due to so many service disruptions, and if you ask for the adjustment detail, they will give you incorrect information, as if they were just guessing the numbers. They have a terrible customer service.

  6. Teofilo B. Calejesan Jr. says

    Hi Amiel, We dont have yet fiber or copper cable in our area. Im looking for the internet provider wireless unlimited. Which one you will suggest to me? Thanks

      • TheLegend says

        dont worry about Telco, they are fairly new and will take 12-15 years to implement high speed internet outside metro Manila core. you wont see price drop anytime soon,the reason you get no connection for a day or two is where they have to make profits if they fall short of financial forecast, so they purposely do the kill switch when your stiaying for it. . its typical in the Philippines . Smart Wireless dont invest in upgrades in provinces like Palawan and Leyte . Globe Wireless purposely uses their systems to illegally overpower their microwaves to disturb Smart Wireless in major retail places like Mall of Asia thus killing any data like facebook.

        Everything to do is extremely overprice with wireless because they Smart and Globe pay politicians to look the other way and void the publics complaint, also same goes with Philippines Airlines is notorious on this price gouge and killing competitions with major airlines from flying direct from Canada and the United States.

  7. Liz says

    Hi where’s the office of converge and one sky? And is there any landline on how to contact them? Would like to know if they install the internet cable in bulacan area.

  8. shin says

    I am here because I am looking for the most reliable internet connection. This is my fourth week of application sa converge. Dalawang line man na ang pumunta sa bahay to check,. Malayo daw ang inaassign sa akin. Ang nakakainis.. Bakit pa kailangan pumunta ng lineman kung itatawag lang dn nila sa opisina. Everyday ako nag kokontak sa customer service nila within three weeks isang beses lang ng reply. Umuusad lang application ko kapag weekend. so ano aasahan ko? Pinacancel ko na ang application kasi wala na daw available port na malapit sa amin. pero everyday naglalagay ng flyers ang agent. Until now hindi pa nila nirerefund and deposit ko. Worst talaga ang customer service at ung mga lineman nila hindi talaga taga converge. Mga contractor lang sila.. Affected na ang trabaho ko dahil dito. I am currently using sky na 8 mbps..okay naman siya for the first five months. pero dahil daw naghahang ang modem mabagal pero makikita mo sa facebook nila it’s either my technical issue sa lugar namin or my problema sa line which happens every other day.

  9. percy says

    support experience with PLDT has improved. natatawagan na sila, then report mo issue, the next day pupuntahan ka na.

    issue is naputol physical fiber cable namin papunta ng modem.

  10. Mark says

    Hello! Just asking if the Globe Go Unli 1899 10/15/20 mbps has better upload speeds than Go Big 1699 15mbps(I think it is 20mbps now). I think the Go Unli is fiber and the Go Big is DSL but I’m not sure how much is the difference in upload speed. I’m thinking of going converge instead but customer service (based on facebook posts) is a bad compared to globe.

  11. Ben says

    Guys im relocating back to philippines from Dubai next week and im looking for a reliable inexpensive internet service. I live in Dasmarinas Cavite Molino if anyone of you knows. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you in advance.

  12. Wmffre says

    Hello Amiel, is converge supporting talisay city cebu? Ive been wanting to see if other isp’s differ in my location or is it just my location.

  13. Xzkyl Dominique says

    Good ang service ng Converge sa Marikina. Friends ko ok service sa kanila and I tried it habang nag Rules of Survival sila and nag DL ng Ragnarok. True to itself di nag lag 10 users yun including family niya. Sa PLDT DSL nmn oks naman meron kami sa QC a staple ISP ever since. Now I am wondering if true itself yung service ng Globe for Unli Broadband Plans nila now. Experience kasi ng classmate ko before nung nag Thesis kami 2016-2017 nawawalan ng net as in Sluggish 50kbps eh yung plan nila is yung 1800+ na may Data Cap pa before. Nag reset kasi Plans ng Globe they offer now Unli Plans for Broadband how is their services pag umuulan nawawala ba as in Net nila? Ang hirap kasi 24months lock in sila upon checking online. No Line kasi kami ng PLDT puno na daw. And Sky namn wala. Antipolo area kami kaya bundok tlga and yung lines malayo. pero I’ve seen Globe Broadband sa kapitbahay. I’m not sure if good ang services nila kung nagagamit tlaga. sayang kasi yung lowest plan na 1300 halos equivalent na rn ng Phone Plan if di nagamit parang ewan lang. BTW medyo off ang signal ng Globe samin for the Phones 2 signal Bar for 4G lng. Since Globe for City use lng tlga. TIA

  14. Michael says

    Even PLDT’s technical support, Protek, is recommending me Converge. If you have PLDT, it’s always better to contact Protek directly. They are more active on Facebook. They seem like they are wanting a better internet service in the Philippines, but they are unfortunately stuck with a contract with PLDT.

  15. Gwen says

    I just had converge installed last June 16 in Bacoor Cavite. At first, it was impressive kasi super bilis at 25MBPS for 1500. A week after installation nawalan ng internet for 5 hours but i let it pass kasi isip ko dahil baka umulan lang. Come July 3, nawalan ulit ng internet up till this day, July 8. I received my statement of account today charging me for the whole amount and I emailed them back that i would like to dispute the days na nawalan ako ng internet inspite daily efforts on emails because their customer service number is non existent. Either that or cancel my subscription.

    I work from home and internet is life for me. I need advise that if they do not agree on my disputed amount or cancel my subscription, how can i raise a concern to NTC?

  16. says

    “Imagine doing a Skype meeting with potential clients when all of a sudden you’re staring at a “Connection Lost” pop-up. Yikes.” LOL. That happened to me one too many times. I’ve heard a lot of good and bad things about Converge and some of my closest friends are using using it as well. I also work from home and Internet is my bread and butter. I just moved from NCR to Calabarzon so, if you guys know any faster ISP within Calabarzon area please let me know. Thanks a ton!

  17. Eagle says

    Net service in Ph must be the slowest and most expensive. I am in the US I have fios 1g and i pay 49usd a month.
    In my personal vehicle i have 4g wifi but my fiance cannot get decent fixed service in the rain.
    Great article but in the US the private industry invest in towers intra structure not the government.
    In PH its the companiea that do not want to invest only collect revenue in my opinion. The whole system needs a major overhaul. There needs be more competition. In other countries you have this.

  18. Grace says

    We’ve been with PLDT for more than 10 years already, but ever since they outsourced their CS and technicians, their service delivery has gone worst!! PLDT doesn’t seem to have a quality assurance that will audit or check their outsourced providers. Im on this site as of this writing coz Im looking for a better alternative.

  19. Ariel says

    We use converge and its 5bmps only for P1100 a month and for us that is fast enough. When we’re new to this internet provider, it usually lost the connection for few hours and back again for few weeks. After that, I think it’s stable now. We used this internet provider since May, after 2 months of losing connection, it is stable, no traffic. So for me converge is the best internet provider. 5mbps for P1100?? I’m sure you want this because its affordable, fast enough for work and download big files and it is now stable in connection.

    • Thea Rose Veniegas says

      I’ve been using PLDT HomeFibr for, i think, 5-6years na Or baka nga higit pa. Nung december 20 nawalan kami ng internet, itinawag ko, dec 25 may pumuntang engineer sa bahay sabi nya “yung poste po mismo ang problema” so pinuntahan ni FiberHome after 2 or 3 days then they said PLDT ang mag aayos. Nagtuturuan na sila. Nakakasama ng loob kasi di naman ako inaabot ng days or weeks sa pagbabayad pero sila andami ko na nagastos na load dahil landline, cignal cable and internet lahat hindi gumagana, magbabayaran na uli tapos wala pa rin akong connection, andami ko na itinawag and nakailang punta na sila sa akin pero wala silang ginagawa.

      Walang pagpapahalaga sa mga clients/customers. Nakakasama na talaga sila ng loob. Walang umaaksyon.

  20. mel says

    Mag papakabit sana ako ng PLDT kaso sabi nung friend ko mga one month nga daw nawawalan ng connection and di pa maganda yung costumer service nila, nababasa ko din sa mga comment na ganun din, sobrang hina kasi ng signal sa DASMARINAS CAVITE so i’m looking for fastest Internet sana. Tinry ko din mag pakabit ng GLOBE FIBER pero dinisregard nila yung application ko kas puno na daw yung spot sa area namin etc.,

  21. Jobzkie says

    Here in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Royal Cable is much cheaper and faster than Converge. 25 mbps + cable channels for 1.5k a month only.

  22. Darwin says

    I’m living here in Mandaluyong, center of Metro Manila and I tried to applied many times na sa mga providers mentioned above but lahat sila sinasabi, not serviceable yung area namin huhuhu, hindi naman bundok dito samin and along main road naman, hayz. And yun nga, ilang years ako nag hintay na maging serviceable tong area namin pero wala. Kaloka! Asa sa data.

  23. jan says

    would you know which provider offers a reliable 10mbps upload in Laguna? mostly kasi download speeds lang nka advertise.
    Recently upgraded our plan with Royal Cable hoping that would increase the upload as well. So far, still stuck at 5mbps 🙁
    Badly needed for work.


  24. Glen Hale says

    I have been using Coronaverge when it is operating and only pay for what I use. I lost a 9500K deal because I could not get online.
    Now Coranaverge is going to cut me off because I am not paying for what I cant get..
    So far a phone seem the best deal tried to connect to PLDT waited 1 mth when told it would be 1 week not told no slots in my area??
    Typical 3rd world money speaks more than customer service.

  25. says

    Im currently using Eastern Telecommunications’ Eastern Home. 10mbps for only 998 pesos a month. So far wala naman akong problem. Walang lag or problem kahit gumamit kami ng google meet ng mga students ko. Smooth din pati customer service nila. Lahat ng concern nasasagot at gawan ng paraan. Also they are allowed to accept extra money. Ultimo pang meryenda ayaw tanggapin. Unlike sa PLDT at converge mga buraot ang installer ang kakapal ng mukha e trabaho naman nila yun at sumasahod sila para gawin yun. Ito yung gamit sa Manila sa mga free wifi areas nila. Nakita ko lang sa isang ad kaya tinry ko, kasi super dismayado ako sa PLDT. Mothers’ day promo nagpakabit ako, inabot na ng September wala parin. 4 months akong nganga sa PLDT. Also I tried yung PLDT 10mbps ng kapitbahay namin last time na nagkaroon ng maintenance sa Eastern, ayun di man lang makakonek sa google meet ko with 37 students yung PLDT.

    Mag Eastern Telecom na kayo guys. Currently working na sila para magprovide ng 30mbps pataas. Medyo bago bago pa to kaya kaunti ang kaagaw natin.

    • terex says

      Eastern Telecommunications Philippines, Inc. (ETPI), doing business as Eastern Communications, is a telecommunications company in the Philippines jointly owned by PLDT and Globe Telecom through its own subsidiary, Vega Telecom.[1][2][3] Founded in 1878 during the final years of the Spanish colonial era, it was the first company to provide telegraphic services.

  26. Van says

    We’re using converge for a year and it’s almost three months until now that we’re having a difficult connection. We decided to cancel our contract from them because we keep asking them about the lost connection but they’re responding to us with the same reason. We also tried to upgrade it but nothing happen. Right now we are choosing between PLDT or GLOBE, which one would you recommend?

  27. ASHLEY V King says

    This is a very old article, and there is no mention of DITO this service has recently opened up and various selected cities and they have a good Package.

    Its a shame that the article is so old !

    • says

      Our team has been in touch with DITO several months ago actually, we’re just waiting on their final rates/price list for their packages that we can use as a reference for this guide.

  28. says

    Is converge available in Davao City? I find their internet popularity striking. As I do all of my work in my condo probably this can help a lot if its really that strong.

  29. genah says

    The internet in manila is just so frustrating. We’ll during pandemic, I went back home in visayas and found out this “Subcon daw of PLDT” since I needed a good internet for my work-from-home set-up and the name is “MKG Home Fiber” I don’t know if anyone here have heard of it. The lowest plan they have is 999 per month- no data capping and it is unlimited. I am quite impressed of the service since Their representative is so active and informs us for any line disruptions. They installed this device called airfiber at our roof and faced it directly towards the PLDT Tower. Super Good ang connection.

  30. Gary says

    With all the stories of such bad ISP connections in the Philippines – is it possible to install your own satellite internet dish?

  31. says

    Sky Fiber at our area is faster than PLDT. But recently, Sky keeps on having intermittent connection. Probably due to more users are paying for their services. It’s important to check if the server is near you.

  32. op says

    i would like to point out an error in your comparison.

    1 Megabit/s is equal to 0.125 Gigabytes per second. – kulang po kayo ng tatlong zeros. it’s 0.000125 GigaBytes.

    magkaiba po ang Bit sa Byte. there are 8 bits in 1 Byte. so 1 Megabit is basically 0.,000125 GigaBytes. bits are used for broadband/internet down/upload speeds. where as Bytes are used for files and filehandling on your machine. often times, telcos misspell MB with Mb.. and market ‘upto 45 MBps’ instead of ‘upto 45Mbps’.

  33. Grayson Eli says

    A well-informative and complete guide on how to get the best internet connection in the Philippines.

    Here is one of the satellite internet providers in the Philippines, recently I came to know that one of my colleagues has a connection from Kacific. I think it would be a good addition to this great article. If you’re looking for satellite internet that is affordable and reliable, then Kacific Broadband Satellite Ltd is the perfect choice for you. Our mobile satellite internet service is available in rural areas all over the Philippines, so you can stay connected even in the most remote locations. With our satellite wifi service, you can enjoy fast and stable internet speeds without having to worry about data limits or expensive monthly fees. Whether you’re streaming videos, browsing the web, or keeping in touch with loved ones, Kacific Broadband Satellite Ltd has everything you need to stay connected. Visit their website for plans and connections.

  34. Frankly N. says

    unreliable net ?
    politicians politicians politicians, because 90% own stock in Telcos/ISPs. They WILL NOT push to spend on upgrades or customer service. ( takes from their stock bottom line)
    But Sadly, we must remember who these politicians are. Philippinos—— 🙁
    Still too much ” Hurray for me, & screw you” attitude. Once again, wanna reliable fast net? Move to Korea ————-

  35. Denz DT says

    Globe fiber is as good as a scam, I have 150 Mbps subscription, yet my speed barely reaches above 50 Mbps. When I talk to the Globe representative over the phone, the guaranteed speed for 30Mbps is 30% of 150 which is 45 Mbps

  36. M Prlest says

    Hello Amiel, I’m using iConnect Technologies Internet service in City Cebu. I’ve been wanting to see if other ISPs differ in my location or if is it just my location.

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