15 Best Online Investment Apps & Platforms in the Philippines

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Quick Take

What’s the best Online Investment Platform in the Philippines?

The answer ultimately depends on what type of investment you want to have. That said, COL Financial is the most popular platform for investors seeking to invest in stocks, REITs, and mutual funds in the Philippines

If you want to invest straight from your phone through an app, Binance, Investa, and Bonds.PH are options you can also try.

Why online?

Simple: It’s easy, saves time and money.

Have you ever tried depositing money at a bank on payday?

I have, one time—and boy did I regret it. I thought I was applying for an NBI clearance upon opening the glass doors at BDO in SM North.

My service number said 305. I looked at the monitor: It showed 195. “Aysus”, I mumbled.

But perhaps I can do some window shopping and come back after 30 minutes?

After mindlessly wandering around the gadgets area at the 4th and 5th floors, I came back to check the number on the monitor: It was 250.

Disappointed, I pulled out my phone and pumped a text to my wife: “Ma-lalate ako ng konti ha, haba pala ng pila dito e”.

Aside from wasting more than an hour and getting hungry waiting, my wife and kid had to wait an extra 30 minutes for me (who were now also hungry).

After that incident, I promised myself never to visit a bank on payday. But what if I really had to? Is there an alternative?

Fortunately, the answer is Yes—With an internet connection and a smartphone or computer, we can now easily do a multitude of transactions with just a few taps and clicks—including stuff that allows you to invest and grow our money.

Take, for example, OFWs. If you’re living abroad and want a more robust way of building assets (instead of just letting your earnings sit in a savings account), these online investment platforms promise potentially better returns for your money.

What is an Online Investment Platform?

An online investment platform is an online service that allows you to make purchases of financial products such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cryptocurrency, real estate, and many more. You can make your investments online, or you can use the service via a mobile app.

How does it work?

When you sign up for an online investment platform, you can trade electronically with the help of your computer/phone and the internet.

All you need is to search for investments on the platform, and buy them. Selling just takes a few clicks as well.

Pros & Cons of Using Online Investment Apps & Platforms


It gives you more flexibility

One of the best things about online investment platforms is you can invest on the go. Simply connect to the internet and you can use the platform anytime and anywhere.

Since you can make purchases online, it’s easier to diversify your portfolio fast. You don’t need to physically go from one brokerage office to another.

The fees are low

It’s common to find online investment platforms that charge low fees. Upfront and transparent fees are also strictly adhered to by these platforms.

You can avoid brokerage bias

With online investment platforms, you can avoid bias from your broker. Instead, you can research on your own, and make investment decisions on your own based on your findings from actual data.

You can monitor investments in real-time

With online investment platforms, you can track and monitor your investments in real-time. This means you get to know any movement in your investment and see if you need to take any action.

It’s so easy to set up

You don’t need to spend a lot of time or submit a mountain of documents to set up an online investment account. You just need to verify your account online and you’re all set.

It’s designed to be beginner-friendly

Anyone can easily navigate online investment platforms. The online platform interface is intuitive, and it easily guides you to create your first investment portfolio.


It can easily be addictive

Online investment platforms are designed for accessibility. Therefore, you can check your investments anytime you want.

However, this can be addictive and make you prone to making rash and uninformed investments.

You won’t develop personal relationships with brokers

With online investment platforms, you can’t develop personal relationships with your broker—which means you won’t have someone to talk to when you have questions and concerns.

You’ll have to rely on chat or call support for answers.

15 Best Online Investment Apps & Platforms in the Philippines

So what are the various types of investment apps and platforms available right now and how do you use them? This section will show our best picks.

1. First Metro Securities

Category: Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETF
Minimum Investment: Php 2,500 initial deposit (no minimum initial deposit for Metrobank or PSBank account holders)

With Metrobank Group and First Metro Investment Corporation backing this brokerage house, no one can question the stability and experience of First Metro Securities in the stock market industry.

They offer easy access to listed securities in the PSE. It’s great that clients can choose to be assisted by their seasoned brokers or explore on their own via their online trading platforms – a nice choice to have if you ask me because not all investment companies provide both.

First Metro Securities is also the market maker and among the authorized participants of the FMETF (First Metro Philippine Equity Exchange Traded Fund), the first and only ETF in the country.

They are able to assure their clients that they can buy or sell their shares whenever they need to.

2. COL Financial

Category: Stocks
Minimum Investment: Php5,000 (Starter account)

If you want to dip your feet into stocks investing, you can’t go wrong with COL.

Perhaps the most popular local option for investing in stocks online, they’ve grown exponentially in the last few years.

3. GCash

Category: Investment Marketplace (Mutual Funds & Stocks)
Minimum Investment:  P50 for local stocks, bonds, and local money market funds, P1,000 for global funds

GCash provides two features that empower its users to invest their funds directly within the platform: GInvest, which focuses on mutual funds, and GStocks, dedicated to stock investing.


GInvest is a platform within the GCash app that helps you invest in money market funds, equity funds, bonds, and crypto.

The idea behind it is to empower more people to try investing. Because a lot of people are already familiar with GCash, GInvest is less intimidating.


GStocks PH is an online retail securities trading service by AB Capital Securities, Inc. that you can access through the GCash app. Here, investors can buy, sell, and manage securities in companies listed on PSE. Soon, it will also offer global stocks. 

Because a lot of people are already familiar with GCash, GStocks PH is less intimidating to beginner investors. 

Keep in mind that GStocks PH may still be unavailable for selected users since it’s being rolled out in batches. 

4. eToro

Category: Stocks, crypto, forex, commodities, ETFs, and index funds.
Minimum Investment: $50

“The world’s leading social trading platform”, according to their site’s homepage.

Their aim is to make online trading of stocks, bitcoins and altcoins, foreign exchange, and more easy and hassle-free.

eToro also has a “CopyTrader” option that allows investors to copy another trader’s portfolio and trading activity automatically, hence the “social trading” description.

Their site and mobile app feature some of the most robust feature sets for easily managing your investments online.

You can also check out this beginner’s guide to copy trading by PinayTeenInvestor.

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5. Investa

Category: Mutual funds
Minimum Investment: Php50

Investa.ph is an investment platform powered by InvestaFinancial Inc, a licensed mutual fund distribution company. This is from the same company that brought Investagrams, a  popular stock and crypto trading education platform in the Philippines.

Through their Investa app, users can invest in mutual funds from the top performing mutual fund companies in the country. They have a decent selection of mutual funds to choose from and the app itself is easy to use.

6. Bonds.PH

Category: Retail treasury bonds
Minimum Investment: Php5,000

Investing in government bonds can now be done online through the Bonds.PH mobile app. It’s a 24/7 fully digital platform that enables Filipinos here and abroad to buy and sell bonds easily from home using their smartphone.

Operated by UnionBank in partnership with PDAX, Bonds.PH was launched by the Bureau of the Treasury in July 2020 to make bond investing more convenient amid the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions worldwide.

7. Coins Pro

Category: Cryptocurrencies
Minimum Investment: Php10 (Minimum trade size)

If you’re still wondering what Bitcoin and other Alt-cryptocurrencies are all about, this article will keep you up to speed.

In the Philippines, Coins.PH established itself as one of the premier platforms for investing in Bitcoin.

Their latest “Pro” version is still in beta as of this writing and what it does is allow you to “buy and sell digital currencies at unlimited volumes and with lower fees”.

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8. Angel Investment Network PH

Category: Venture Capital
Minimum Investment: Starts at Php50,000
(depends on the project)

It’s a platform that connects inventors/start-ups with people willing to invest in their products/service. Note that the funds do not go directly to Angel Investment Network.

Rather, once an agreement is made between startup and investor, it’s up to the two parties to set up the venture.

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9. SeedIn

Category: P2B lending
Minimum Investment: Php1,000

SeedIn is a leading business financing platform in Southeast Asia that connects individual and corporate investors with local businesses that need short-term financing. 

The fintech company offers its investors liquidity through short-term tenured investments ranging from one to 12 months, with monthly interest repayments. It also provides competitive annualized returns from 7%. 

SeedIn’s investors are also assured of their funds’ security. Business projects of prospective borrowers undergo strict credit risk evaluation and are often secured by collaterals.

10. Blend.PH

Category: P2P lending
Minimum Investment: Php5,000

Blend.PH is a peer-to-peer online funding platform that offers a range of online loans such as personal loans and salary loans, with monthly interest rates of 1% to 8% and repayment terms of one to 36 months. 

The online loan platform provides investors a money-making opportunity as lenders. With just a minimal investment, you can use Blend.PH and earn 6% to 30% interest per year.

11. Binance

Category: Cryptocurrencies, NFTs
Minimum Investment: Php500+ ($10)

Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. It is an incredible option for individuals who want to focus on bitcoin and altcoin trading since it has over 600 cryptocurrencies, as well as virtual tokens.

Binance also provides a very secure crypto wallet for its users and offers support services for users to transact using cryptocurrencies, or earn interest.

12. SeedBox PH

Category: Mutual funds, PERA
Minimum Investment: Php1,000

While experienced traders will probably point you to either COL or First Metro Sec (they integrate their MF with their stock platform), Seedbox makes the list for striving to be the most simple and easy-to-use platform for Filipinos looking to invest in Mutual Funds (they even offer tie-ups with your employer for investing via payroll deduction).

13. Flippa.com

Category: Online Business
Minimum Investment: Starts at $500 (but could go up to millions of USD depending on site valuation)

Real estate “flipping” or the process of buying-renovating-selling property is fairly popular, partly due to shows like Flip or Flop and House Hunters (and a whole bunch more).

In the world of online businesses, “flipping” refers to buying and selling a website. Flippa is one of the pioneers of the platform.

14. Lamudi PH

Category: Real Estate
Minimum Investment: Varies

Lamudi PH is the local operational arm of its mother company of the same name, along with 30 other countries.

They feature various types of property, which includes condominiums, apartments, townhouses, commercial properties, land, and much more.

15. PDAX

Category: Cryptocurrencies
Minimum Investment: Php52 (Minimum trade size)

Another online trading platform to consider for those into cryptocurrency investing is the Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX). It’s a legitimate company that’s licensed and regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Through PDAX, you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, and other digital assets directly with Philippine Peso at the most competitive prices.

For an easier crypto trading experience, you may use the PDAX mobile app (available on the App Store and Google Play Store) with your mobile phone.

7 Rules for Investing: Best Investing Tips & Strategies

1. Diversify

Spreading your funds across asset classes and varying investments helps to balance out the risk.

This may mean allocating your money on different types of investment vehicles (stocks, real estate, UITF, mutual funds, etc.,) so that a loss in one will not completely wipe you out of the game.

Say you have Php100k that you want to invest. Instead of going all in on stocks, you might want to put some on P2P loans, fund a small business, or maybe some on mutual funds.

Whatever your preference might be, it may be a good idea to employ some sort of diversification on your portfolio.

2. Only invest the money you’re willing to lose

Investing is not a guaranteed ticket to earnings land. In fact, it can be highly volatile depending on the investment vehicle you’ve chosen.

Which is why it’s recommended that you take care of the basic needs first (Food, Shelter, Education, Emergency Fund.,etc) before you start venturing out on the land of investing.

This way, there’s less chance of both emotional and financial hardship should the unfortunate loss happens (which occurs quite often in investing).

Remember, take care of your priorities first.

3. Research and due diligence

How do you make an informed decision? Before buying a new laptop, for example, we check out reviews and user feedback, right?

We read hundreds or thousands of words about the product, watch in-depth reviews on YouTube, even physically visit the store to have a feel of the product.

Once we have all the information we need, that’s when we start to really have an informed decision about the purchase.

Based on the research I did, was the product able to meet my primary needs and expectations?

Does it match my budget? What are the pros and cons?

The same core principles can be applied when deciding on an investment.

While not all information will be revealed, accurate, or guaranteed, making the effort to know as much as you can before jumping the gun gives you useful insight that will help you avoid problems in the long run.

This is also related with monitoring your investments. Check your reports regularly and see if it stays within your investment goal. Make adjustments as you see fit.

Not all investments are a set-it-and-forget it types. Some will require more maintenance than others, so make sure to set time to regularly check on your investments.

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4. Be disciplined with your money

They say the most successful investors make it a habit—they’ve integrated saving and investing in their lives and have set up systems to ensure each peso in possession is not wasted and earning them more while they sleep.

It also means being disciplined on their purchases, holding off on buying the latest smartphone or car simply because they can.

They know that most material possessions loses its appeal almost instantly anyway, so they prefer to put the money into better use—one that allows them to build up their assets exponentially.

Warren Buffet has been recognized once as the richest man in the world yet he still lives in the same house and almost never buys a new car unless his daughter reminds him.

Oh, and his breakfast almost always never costs more than $3.17.

5. Adopt a stoic mindset

Investing can be an emotionally-driven endeavor.

Whether it’s greed or fear, our emotions can be the biggest factor that decides your fate in investments.

The key is to not be easily swayed by all sorts of external triggers when you already have an established and well-thought out game plan.

Listen, research and study these factors before you decide to make any drastic move.

6. Invest early

You’ve probably heard this phrase a hundred times: “The best time to invest is now”.

Cliche? Sure.

But there is some nugget of wisdom in there.

And if you factor in compound interest, you’re banking on an investment principle that has the potential to build you unlimited wealth.

Doing it early also allows you to test and experiment with your investments, make adjustments as you’re starting to learn the ropes.

I’ve heard numerous stories of people who wished “they got into the game sooner”, saying they would have probably made so much more.

7. Don’t be a sheep

Sometimes, it’s all too easy to follow the herd and join the bandwagon.

A “hot tip” suddenly becomes a must-have simply because other investors are doing it.

“People are doing it, it must be right”, you say. More often than not though, investing on something simply because of its popularity is already a bad first step.

Instead of doing due diligence and making moves based on your investing game plan, your mind gets clouded by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  

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Online Investment FAQs

Still got questions about online investment platforms? We’ll answer them below.

What types of investments can I make through an online platform?

There are a bunch of online investment platforms that allow you to invest in financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and so on.

However, it’s not just investment products you can invest in using online platforms. There are also platforms that allow you to invest in real estate, cryptocurrency, and even businesses.

Is it safe to invest online in the Philippines?

Yes, investing online is safe. The Philippine government is strict when it comes to money laundering and fraud. As such, security is their top priority.

The SEC and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas are always on the lookout to make sure investment platforms follow the rules and regulations that protect investors.

What is the minimum investment required to start using an online investment platform?

It depends on the platform you are using. Prepare to shell out Php50 to Php50,000.

What fees are associated with using an online investment platform?

There are different fees that may apply depending on the platform you are using. Usually, these platforms make users pay commissions or a service fee.

Can I access my investment portfolio 24/7?

Yes, an online investment platform will make sure that you have access to your investment portfolio anytime, day or night—as long as you have access to the internet.

How do I withdraw my money from an online investment platform?

All you need to do is to request a withdrawal through the online investment platform interface. This process is usually straightforward, and the online platform will send money to your bank account or in-app wallet.

What security measures are in place to protect my investments and personal information?

The online investment platform you are using must have a clear privacy policy, and take steps to protect your personal and financial data. This can start with using secure servers, encrypting data, and using firewalls to protect your information.

Most investment platforms also have at least two tiers of security that safeguards all the information of their clients. This is why you need to put in your PIN and OTP before logging in.

How do I choose the right online investment platform for me?

Your choice will depend on what kind of investments you want to make. Just like any other financial product, it is important to conduct your own due diligence when deciding which online investment platform to use.

Read up on reviews and product information to be sure that it is a legitimate platform, and that it follows the rules and regulations that protect your money.

What should I consider before investing in an online platform?

Online investment platforms are an easy way to get started in investing. But there are certain things you need to consider before you dive in.

First, you need to figure out if you are comfortable with how the online investment platform works.

Second, you need to be aware of the risks involved with online investments. Is the online investment platform you want to use trustworthy? How safe are your transactions?

Third, you need to know if it offers the right investments that suit your needs and fits your investment horizon. Are you looking for a short-term investment or something that you want to hold for a long time?

How much do you want to risk your money?

Fourth, check how much the fees are since this can easily add up.

Finally, choose a platform with great customer support. This way, you can get the help you need if you have questions and concerns.

Disclaimer: Grit PH strives to post up-to-date information on all investment, banking, and other financial products we feature. However, information may change without notice. Therefore, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information listed on the website, including those provided by third parties at any particular time. 

It is best to review the updated terms and conditions of your chosen financial institution. Grit PH is not affiliated with the companies mentioned in the article. All testimonials and opinions are representative only of the writer’s experience, but the results will be unique to each individual.

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