10 Best Loyalty, Rewards, & Membership Cards in the Philippines

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Nowadays, it seems as if every company—from corner milk tea shops to giant retailers—offers loyalty, rewards, and membership cards.

But what are they for, and which ones are worthy of taking up space in your wallet? Read on for the answers.

What are Reward, Membership, and Loyalty Cards?

Loyalty, membership, and rewards cards help build customer loyalty by providing cardholders with incentives. The more you shop using the cards, the more you’re rewarded.

Typically, you receive rewards for each purchase in the form of “points.” You can save up points and use them to buy goods or services or to get discounts on future purchases.

Some cards have customer tiers: you receive better benefits when you’ve made enough purchases to climb to a higher “rank” of customers. Each rank or tier is defined by a specific set of rewards and benefits, which increase in value the higher you go.

Benefits of Reward, Membership, and Loyalty Cards to Consumers

1. It’s Easy to Join and Participate

No one wants to go through hoops just to get a discount or a freebie. Luckily, signing up for a card is often as easy as filling out a form and paying the membership fee.

Afterward, you just need to present your card each time you make a purchase to get points.

2. You Get the Perks You Want

Some stores give away freebies with every purchase, but the freebie is often not something you would buy or use. With a loyalty card, you can choose what product or service you get as a reward.

3. You Get Rewards Fast

In this day and age, few people like delaying gratification, especially when free stuff is concerned. With loyalty, rewards, and membership cards, you can use your points as soon as you’ve earned enough.

4. They Help Save You Money

Many cards provide members with discounts. This is especially useful if you tend to shop at certain stores exclusively, and it also makes it easy for you to rack up points.

Some loyalty cards also come with discounts from partner retailers.

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10 Best Membership, Discount, Reward, and Loyalty Cards in the Philippines

The following are some of the best frequent customer cards in terms of value and ease of use.

1. SM Advantage Card (SMAC)

Best for: Practical Shoppers

Each purchase worth PhP100 entitles the bearer to 1 point (equivalent to PhP1).


  • Earn points from purchases not just from SM but also from its redemption partners, such as Uniqlo, ACE Hardware, and Shell.
  • Discounts and freebies from partner establishments, such as restaurants, salons, and gyms.

SMAC members who spend a minimum of PhP300,000 at the SM Store and other SM retail stores qualify to go up the next tier: SMAC Prestige. This card gives you even more perks, such as:

  • Access to the SM Prestige Lounge
  • Invites to exclusive promotional events
  • Dedicated checkout counters
  • Valet shopping

How to Get It:

Head to an SM in your area and ask for an application form from one of the cashiers. Alternatively, you can apply online via the SMAC website.

Cost: PhP200 for a 5-year membership

2. Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card

Best for: Pag-IBIG Members Who Love Discounts

The Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card lets you earn rewards and save on a variety of expenses, including fuel, groceries, hospital bills, and tuition.


  • Earn Peso Points from purchases at Petron and Puregold.
  • Up to 50% off on purchases at more than 300 partner establishments, including hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, drugstores, and salons.
  • Freebies with purchase at restaurants such as Crisostomo, Breakfast at Antonio’s, and Mr. Ube.

How to Get It:

Download and print the application form from the Pag-IBIG website and fill it out. Bring it to the nearest Pag-IBIG office and complete the application process there.

Cost: PhP125

3. S&R Gold Member Card

Best for: Large Families


  • Bulk shopping
  • Wide variety of products from international brands
  • Discounts of PhP3 per liter on gasoline and PhP2 per liter on diesel at Unioil
  • Frequent sales and promotional events

How to Get It:

Download and print the application form from the S&R website, fill it out and submit it along with photocopies of two valid IDs at an S&R near you. You’ll receive a temporary ID which you can use until S&R issues you a permanent one.

Cost: PhP700 for the first year

4. Happy Plus

Best For Fast-Food Lovers

Each PhP50 purchase nets cardholders 1 Happy Point.


  • Trade Happy Points for food at Jollibee, Chowking, Mang Inasal, Greenwich, and Red Ribbon  
  • Register for a monthly raffle for a chance to win up to PhP100,000
  • Make fast, cashless payments
  • Earn Happy Points with fuel purchases at Caltex

5. Bistro BFF Card

via Orange Magazine

Best For: Foodies

Save on your total bill when you dine at one of Bistro’s 19 restaurants, including Denny’s, Italianni’s, TGI Fridays, and Red Lobster.


  • 30% off your bill on Mondays
  • 20% off your bill from Tuesday to Sunday
  • Six PhP250 off vouchers (with a minimum purchase of PhP1,000 per voucher)
  • Complimentary coffee or hot tea with the purchase of an entree

How to Get It:

You can apply for a Bistro BFF Card at any Bistro establishment.

Cost: PhP2500

6. Landers Superstore

via Booky

Best for: Those Who Value Convenience


  • A wide selection of products from local and international brands
  • Online shopping and same-day delivery
  • Store promotions like the Super Crazy Sale
  • Discounts on medicine from Capital Care Pharmacy
  • Savings of up to PhP10 per liter of fuel at select Caltex stations
  • Dining at Dough & Co., Landers Central, & Doppio
  • A free haircut or shampoo and blow-dry at Federal Barbers

How to Get It:

Visit the Landers website to apply online and pay the membership fee via credit/debit card or PayMaya. You’ll then receive a membership code you can use when you shop on the Landers website. You can pick up your physical card at any Landers location.

Cost: PhP1,000 per year for a Personal Membership

7. Mercury Drug Suki Card

Best For Health Buffs And People Who Regularly Buy Medicine

Each PhP200 purchase is equivalent to 1 Suki point.


  • Use Suki points as rebates for your next purchase
  • Trade Suki Points for Mercury Drug-exclusive items
  • Save money on participating products with Suki Sabado Special.

How to Get It:

Apply online via the Mercury Drug website. After three business days, you can pick up your card at the Mercury Drug store you specified in your application. Be sure to bring receipts of single or cumulative purchases worth at least PhP1000.

Cost: Lifetime membership is free

8. 7-Eleven Cliqq

Best for: Students and Employees

Earn 1 point for every PhP50 purchase.


  • Redeem 7-Eleven products with points
  • Members-only sales and promotions
  • Get items from the Rewards Catalog in exchange for points
  • Earn entries to exciting raffles

9. Robinsons Rewards Card

via Primer

Ideal for: Families with Children

One Robinsons Rewards Points is equivalent to PhP1. You can use points to pay for purchases at Robinsons and partner merchants


  • One reward point for every PhP200 purchase at Robinsons Department Store, Daiso Japan, Toys R Us, and other partner merchants.
  • One rewards point for every PhP400 purchase at Robinsons Supermarket.
  • One rewards point for every purchase of 5 liters of gasoline or diesel at participating Caltex stations.

How to Get It:

Download the Robinsons Rewards app or purchase a Robinsons Rewards Application Kit at the customer service counter of a Robinsons store near you.

Cost: PhP100

10. Laking National Card

via Spot.ph

Best For: Parents, Teachers, and Students

A purchase of PhP1 nets you one Laking National point (1000 points is equivalent to PhP10 ePurse).


  • Redeem points for National Bookstore products or services
  • Members-only sales and events
  • Free gift-wrapping

How to Get It: Go to the customer service counter of any NBS branch to get a copy of the Membership Application Form.

Cost: Pay PhP100 (PhP60 for students) or present receipts worth PhP5,000 from NBS purchases made within the last 12 months.

Choosing a Loyalty Card 

When deciding which loyalty or membership card program to sign up for, factor in your shopping habits and preferences.

Also, don’t forget to consider how you would like to be rewarded.

Do you like receiving gifts or prefer rebates? Does the thought of being invited to a VIP-only event excite you more than a discount?

Keeping these factors in mind would allow you to choose the card that meets your needs and gives you the most value. 

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