How to Apply & Get a Postal ID in the Philippines [Requirements & Fees]

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If you need a government-issued I.D, one of the quickest and easiest one to get is the Postal ID.

This article will show you all the stuff you need to know about it and how to get one.

What is a Postal ID?

It’s identification used by the Philippine Postal Corporation to document postal transactions local and abroad.

Where is it used?

The information reflected in it is used to confirm and verify the person’s address and personal information.

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Who can apply for a Philippine Postal ID?

Any Filipino currently living in the Philippines or abroad (but was in the country during time of application).

Foreign residents are required to be living in the country at least 6 months prior to application.

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What’s different with the new and improved Postal ID?

The security features on the latest Postal ID has been improved. Similar to other recently revamped government-issued IDs, it now boasts of several layers of protection and can even be verified using a smartphone app.    

Key Features of the New Postal ID

  • Card features a security hologram of a mailman that is viewable at various angles
  • All information and biometrics of the ID holder are captured at the postal office only, ensuring all personal information are legit and valid.
  • The new postal IDs are printed at one main location to prevent duplication.
  • Using the Postal ID Verification app, you can scan the embedded QR code (similar to other regular smartphone apps) to verify the cardholder’s identity
  • The Automated Fingerprint Identification System is used to verify the person’s fingerprint by matching it with the one stored in its database

What is the validity of a Postal ID (and for how long)?

The Philippine Postal ID is valid for 3 years for Filipinos.

Foreigners currently residing in the country can use it for one year. For foreigners with Special Retiree Resident Visa, the validity is for 3 years.  

New Postal ID Application Requirements

To apply for the new Postal ID, applicants need to present both an original and xerox copy of the following documents:

  1. Two copies of duly-accomplished Postal ID Application form
  2. Proof of Identity (provide one of the following)
  3. Proof of Address (provide one of the following)
    • Utility Bill (Electric, Cable, Internet, Landline, etc)
    • Bank Statement
    • School Billing
    • Certified True Copy of Real Estate Tax receipt
    • Certified True Copy of Lease
    • Barangay Certificate of Residency (must be issued 3 months prior application for Postal ID)

Postal ID Requirements for Foreign Residents

Foreign residents who want to apply for a Postal ID will need to bring the following documents:

  1. Duly accomplished Postal ID application form
  2. Proof of Identity
    • Passport (must be issued at least 6 months prior application for Postal ID)
    • The following documents showing proof of stay in the Philippines (must be issued at least 6 months prior application for Postal ID)
      • Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)
      • Diplomatic Visa
      • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
      • Long Stay Visitor Visa Extension (LSVVE)
      • Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card
  3. Proof of Address
    • Utility Bill (Electric, Cable, Internet, Landline, etc)
    • Bank Statement
    • School Billing
    • Land, House, or Condo Lease Contract (notarized)
    • Hotel, Transient home, temporary residence certificate (within 3 months of PID application)
    • Statement of Account from Hotel, temporary residence certificate (within 3 months of PID application)
    • Barangay Certificate of Residency temporary residence certificate (within 3 months of PID application)

Postal ID requirements for renewal or replacement

For without changes in biographic data, you will need to provide the following:

  • 2 Copies of completed Postal ID application form
  • Basic or Improved Postal ID card (original or photocopy)

In the event of loss or theft of Postal ID, you can request for a new one by submitting the following:

  • 2 Copies of completed Postal ID application form
  • Notarized Affidavit of Loss

For replacements with change(s) in biographical data:

  • Two (2) copies of the duly-accomplished Postal ID application Form
  • Improved or Basic Postal ID card (original or photocopy)
  • Additional requirements to support the amendment/change in biographic data

New Postal ID Application Fees

Here are the amounts you need to prepare when applying for a Postal ID.

Postal ID + Delivery450 pesos
Vat (12%)54 pesos
Total Postal ID Fee504 pesos

For rush requests, the processing fee is 650 pesos.

Note that rush Postal ID requests can only be made on the following post office branches:

  • Manila Central Post Office (Liwasang Bonifacio, Intramuros)
  • Quezon City Central Post Office (NIA Rd., Brgy. Pinyahan, Diliman)
  • Makati Central Post Office (Gil Puyat cor. Ayala Ave., Malugay)
  • Parañaque Central Post Office (Ninoy Aquino Ave., Brgy. La Huerta)
  • Las Piñas Central Post Office (Las Piñas City Hall, Real cor. Pamplona St.)
  • Valenzuela Central Post Office (Valenzuela City Hall, Maysan St.)

How to Apply for a Postal ID (Application Process)

The entire process of Postal ID application is quick and easy and can be summarized into 3 main steps:

  1. Bring and submit all required documents in the post office.
  2. Get a copy of the application form and complete all required fields.
  3. Upon submission of your documents, proceed to the nearest ID capture station so they can take your photo and fingerprint data. Pay all the necessary fees.

That’s all! You just need to wait for 15-20 working days for your new Postal ID to be delivered to your home address.

As mentioned earlier, there’s a rush application option (you can get the ID within the day or next business day) but you have to pay a bit extra.

How to Apply for a Postal ID Online

To be clear, it’s not really an online process per se. You merely have the option to download and complete the Postal ID application form in advance.

Upon downloading the form from here, complete the required fields and visit the nearest Post Office branch to complete the remaining steps (see above).

Postal ID Release and Delivery

Expect to receive your newly minted Postal ID in the following days:

  • Metro Manila – 15 working days
  • Other Major Cities and Municipalities – 20 working days
  • Island Provinces and Remove Barangays – 30 working days

What happens to your old (valid) Postal ID?

Your old ID will be honored as valid until it expires. If you present it before it expires and apply for a new PID, you’ll get a small discount:

Remaining ValidityDiscountTotal (including delivery)
36 months25%P389.20
24-35 months20%P412.16
12-23 months10%P458.08

How to upgrade your old (valid) Postal ID into the new Postal ID card?

You just need to complete a PID application form and bring it to the nearest Post office along with your existing Postal ID.

Should you have any questions about the process you may reach out to PhilPost via the following numbers:

  • 09253212291
  • 09988847629
  • 09175215373

Other Helpful Information:

  • Even with the revamped Postal ID, you still can’t use it as a valid ID when applying for a passport.
  • The Postal ID Privilege Program works like other regular discount cards. You can avail of discounts and promos at any partner merchant when you present your Postal ID. You can check out the full list of partner merchants here
  • You can apply for the new PID at any post office branch

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  1. Commentor says


    I’d like to highlight how there is an error in the article above. Under “New Postal ID Application Requirements,” the proof of address is a compulsory requirement not an optional requirement.

  2. Sixsixsix says

    “How to apply online”

    Download this form and submit it at a nearby physical location. LOL “ONLINE”.

  3. Rixy says

    Its been 2 months na I havent recieved my postal ID. I applied in Cebu @ SM last Augu.24 up until now wala pa rin .

    Tried calling the hotline number but no available. I hope someone can Help me.



  4. Henry Flores says

    I guess you missed something. If you were going to search here you would surely type “how to apply online”. So what the writer did was provide an answer to the searcher by saying, “How to Apply for a Postal ID Online: To be clear, it’s not really an online process per se. You merely have the option to download and complete the Postal ID application form in advance.

    Upon downloading the form from here, complete the required fields and visit the nearest Post Office branch to complete the remaining steps (see above).” One has to read between the lines and not get the meaning literally. I hope this clarifies things. 🙂

  5. Maricel O . Rinon says

    Have my old postal ID. Can renew accepted and what are the requirements for married surname change to my maiden name.?Can submitt Barangay clearance and Copy of Birth certificate, then death certificate of my husband? Another ask can directly going to postal office for walk in . Apply postal Id ? Thanks

  6. Ivan says

    Here are the requirements as of late.
    1. Birth Certificate (original + 10 photocopies)
    2. 2×2 ID picture with white background (photocopy of NSO birth certificate or passport-sized photo without logo)
    3. Receipt/ITR copy from the Bureau of Internal Revenue and Philpost office to show proof of payment for postal ID form which costs Php100; photocopy necessary as well in case it is lost
    4. PSA barangay clearance certificate* *upon requirement by the post office, if you are a registered member in a barangay info refer to below (*required only when applying for Administrative District Office Post Office). A receipt ITR (for Barangays Overseas), public school transcripts.

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