9 Best Priority Banking Services & Privileges in the Philippines

Last Updated – Jun 2, 2023 @ 1:13 pm

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What’s the best Priority Banking Service in the Philippines?

Based on the list in this article, we can say that BPI Preferred is the best choice. It is the easiest one to join or apply to. With a minimum of Php 500,000 Total Relationship Balance, you can already opt-in.

Banking nowadays is a lot easier and convenient thanks to the advent of online platforms and various third-party services that you can link to for more seamless transactions. 

But did you know that there’s an option to make your banking experience even better?

With Priority Banking, qualified clients can take advantage of exclusive perks and benefits not accessible on regular accounts.

These privileges include access to dedicated account managers, wider financial product selection, priority service — and a lot more.

What is Priority Banking?

Priority Banking is a VIP-style type of banking service offered to customers with a sizable amount of assets invested in the bank. 

If the bank deems that you’re a high net worth account holder, they can provide you with access to services and benefits not usually offered to regular clients.

Eligibility for priority banking varies with each bank, but the most common determinant is the customer’s total relationship balance (TRB). TRB represents a customer’s total assets or average monthly balance held in their bank account

In a nutshell, priority banking is an exclusive banking service provided to high net worth account holders. Under the program, they can have access to various benefits and privileges that are not offered to regular customers.

Features of Priority Banking?

From dedicated client representatives to access to a wider selection of products, priority banking provides a good amount of exclusive benefits worth taking advantage of if you are eligible.

Actual priority banking features will vary between banks but some of the most typical benefits include:

  • Designation of a dedicated client account representative who can serve as your main PoC for all your banking needs
  • VIP service area in branches so you don’t have to wait in line
  • Free at-par checkbooks and debit or credit cards 
  • Waiver of fees and charges on transactions and other products (stop payments, cheque returns, NEFT, etc.,)
  • Access to better pricing and rates on some services and products (savings, checking, time deposits, etc.,)
  • Better chances of getting approved for mortgages and bank loan products (housing loans, car loans, etc.,)
  • Invitation to exclusive members-only clubs and events
  • Freebies, deals, and discounts not offered to regular account holders
  • Early notifications on special offerings and promos

How do you qualify for Priority Banking in the Philippines?

In most cases, an account holder’s total assets are the main consideration to be qualified for priority banking. If they meet the minimum Total Relationship Balance (or average daily balance on some banks) they can qualify for priority banking. 

The minimum required balance varies from one bank to the next and you may have to meet certain other criteria to qualify. Some banks may require a minimum TRB of 1 Million pesos or more to qualify but there are plenty of banks that require a lot less (check the list below for details).

Best Priority Banking Services in the Philippines

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best priority banking services available in the Philippines. Our goal is to give you a better idea of the features you can get from these types of services and how you can get them. 

1. Security Bank Gold Circle

Gold Circle is Security Bank’s priority banking service offered to its high-net-worth account holders. 

It is a product bundle that provides perks and privileges to bank customers that maintain higher account balances.

Perks and Benefits

  • Free ATM Withdrawals 
  • Zero Fees
  • Lower Interest Rates for Loans
  • Customer Advisor
  • Concierge Services
  • VIP Queue
  • Complimentary Checkbook
  • Higher Interest Rates for Time Deposits
  • Preferential rates for pre-qualified house, auto, and personal loans
  • Access to in-depth financial advice from SB financial experts
  • Preferential rates on Term Deposit products


  • Maintain minimum Total Relationship Balance of Php500,000 across CASA, Term Deposit, Trust, and Treasury products

How to apply for Security Bank Gold Circle

To apply for Security Bank Gold Circle, visit any branch and speak with a customer service advisor. An invitation letter will be provided containing the Terms and Conditions and waiver. The Digital Gold Circle Card will be sent to your email upon approval.

2. BPI Preferred

BPI Preferred allows qualified account holders to get access to personalized services, priority handling, and exclusive offers.

Perks and Benefits

  • Assistance from a dedicated Relationship Manager for all your banking needs
  • Priority handling via Preferred Consultation areas and special queues
  • 24/7 Phone banking
  • Preferred Privilege Card 
  • Ayala Rewards Circle
  • Visa Signature Credit Card 


To enjoy the privileges and benefits of the BPI Preferred Program, a client should have and should maintain the following eligibility criteria:

  • Minimum of Php500,000 Total Relationship Balance (TRB). TRB includes the client’s total funds in Deposits (Current and Savings accounts monthly average daily balance, and Time Deposits value) and Investments held in BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank.

How to apply for BPI Preferred

To apply for BPI Preferred, visit any BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank and speak with a customer service advisor. You can also call their 24-hour BPI Contact Center at ‎(+632) 889-10000 to inquire and request membership.

3. HSBC Premier

HSBC Premier is a premium bank account that offers priority service and support which includes exclusive rates and financial advice with a focus on international banking. Your Premier membership is automatically extended to family members (spouse and children) so they too can enjoy the special benefits and features.

Perks and Benefits

  • Access to a Premier Relationship Manager for all your banking needs
  • Priority service and support
  • Exclusive range of Premier rewards, offers, and partnerships
    • Premier Mastercard
    • Premier Wealth Insurance
    • Premier Wealth Investment
  • Premier status for you, your spouse, and your children
  • Overseas account opening support for loved ones moving abroad
  • Automatic Premier status in 29 markets around the world
  • A foreign currency account with preferential rates and no exchange fees


Interested parties should deposit an individual monthly income of at least PHP300,000 gross (or its foreign currency equivalent) into an HSBC account. Also, having a Total Relationship Balance of Php3,000,000 or more automatically qualifies them for HSBC Premier. TRB includes all your assets in savings, investments, or insurance.

How to apply for HSBC Premier

You can visit their website or send an email to apply and submit your personal information online. Alternatively, you can visit their nearest branch and speak with a customer service representative to apply.

4. Citi Priority

Citi Priority offers a suite of services and product offerings meant to help you achieve your wealth goals faster. Members enjoy personalized rates and services, which include financial planning advice, free global online bank transfers, and ATM withdrawals through any local ATMs and Citibank ATMs abroad. 

Perks and Benefits

  • Priority Service from a team of personal bankers
  • Convenient banking access via Citi Mobile App, Citi Alerts SMS, and Citibank Online
  • Access to priority financial service packages designed to suit your wealth journey through Citi Financial Services and Insurance (CFSI)
  • Free global online bank transfers and ATM withdrawals through Citibank
  • Access to exclusive privileges and cash credits through Citibank and CFSI


Your account should have and maintain a Total Relationship Balance of at least P1 million.

How to apply for Citi Priority

Citi account holders who meet the minimum TRB can automatically qualify for Citi Priority. Personal bankers will get in touch via phone and provide the required details for opening an account. 

5. RCBC Hexagon Club (Privilege and Prestige)

Hexagon Club is RCBC’s premier club for account holders who want to take advantage of RCBC’s premium banking service and special perks. As a member, you can get access to special benefits and features along with priority service whether you’re banking remotely or at a physical branch.

Perks and Benefits

  • Dedicated Business Relationship Manager
  • Access to Priority Service
  • Free Life Insurance Coverage
  • Free ATM card insurance
  • Free-for-Life RCBC Bankard Hexagon Club Platinum Mastercard Credit Card
  • 1 Free Checkbook and Manager’s Check per year
  • No Withdrawal Fee in any Bancnet ATM^
  • Waived Inter-regional and Inter-branch Fees
  • 1 Free Bank Certification and 5 Free Bank Statements per year
  • Special Rates on Forex
  • Preferential rates on Peso Time Deposit accounts
  • Preferential rates for RCBC business loans
  • Access to exclusive RCBC Investment Options
  • Waiver of SME Loan Appraisal Fee
  • Access to Exclusive Events and Promos
  • Perks from Partner Merchants
  • Exclusive Gifts


Interested parties must maintain a total average daily balance (ADB) of at least P100,000  in their RCBC savings and checking account/s to qualify and maintain RCBC Hexagon Club membership.

How to apply for RCBC Hexagon Club

Simply visit the nearest RCBC branch in your location or request a call by filling out this form on the RCBC website.

6. MayBank Premier Wealth

Maybank Premier Wealth is a personalized banking service with a focus on giving its members priority service and access to a specialized suite of product offerings, benefits, and privileges.

Perks and Benefits

  • A Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Customized Wealth Solutions based on the understanding of the client’s investment risk profile, knowledge and experience, product suitability, and portfolio management.
  • Access to preferential Peso Time Deposit rates, waivers and/or discounts on select transactional fees, and access to Premier centers and lounges.
  • Lifestyle Privileges made available through the Visa Infinite Credit Card, such as, but not limited to, complimentary airport lounge access, concierge service, travel
  • protection.


To become part of Maybank Premier Wealth, you must maintain either of the following:

  • A minimum of Php 3 Million in Investable Assets or IA (IA is the sum of your Total Deposits and Total Trust Investments).

How to apply for Maybank Premier Wealth

Complete their Premier Enrollment form online and either submit it in one of their branches or get in touch with them via email for further assistance.

7. BankCom Experience

Bank of Commerce Priority Access or Experience Program is an exclusive membership program that provides qualified access to privileged services, personalized banking, and exclusive benefits that suit their lifestyle.

Perks and Benefits

  • Access to a Dedicated Relationship Manager (RM)
  • Full access to Branch officers at any Bank of Commerce branch
  • Automatic issuance of a special Priority Access-labeled Card
  • Exclusive deals and promotional offers from partner establishments
  • Higher withdrawal limit (Php500,000) with your BankCom Experience Platinum Debit Card along with other perks like:
    • Free Annual Membership Fee
    • 50% Cash Advance Limit
    • Low Monthly Interest Rate of 2.5%
  • Premier Membership & Personalized Banking
    • Receive financial solutions advice from your relationship manager to help you grow your investment with us.
  • Privileged Services
    • Enjoy a premium experience and benefit exclusive to you.
  • BankCom Experience Badge, your key to special queuing access for a fast and convenient banking experience
  • Easy and reliable loans and Credit Card application process
  • Lower loan rates
  • Enjoy preferential foreign exchange rates
  • Exclusive invitation to BankCom special events


  • To become a BankCom Experience client, you must maintain at all times a minimum required Current & Savings Deposit Average Daily Balance (ADB) of P500,000.00 or P10MM total business relationship (TBR) with the Bank.

How to apply for Bank of Commerce Priority Access

Visit the nearest Bank of Commerce branches and speak with a customer service representative to apply for BankCom Experience membership.

You can also call their Customer Care Hotline at (02) 8632-2265 or any of their Domestic Toll-Free Numbers: 1800-10-982-6000 (PLDT) and 1800-8-982-6000 (Globe Lines), or sending them an email at customerservice@bankcom.com.ph.

8. PNB Priority Checking

PNB Priority Checking is a special checking account that earns at a regular savings rate. In general, checking accounts have very minimal interest rates so having increased rates comparable to a savings account makes it a more versatile option over regular checking accounts.

Perks and Benefits

  • VIP Checkbook
  • PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles Priority Debit Mastercard
  • Passbook
  • Special priority accommodation on branch transactions


To qualify for a PNB Priority Checking Account, you should make an initial deposit of Php25,000 and have a maintaining balance of Php25,000. The interest rate is 0.100% per annum. 

How to apply for a PNB Priority Checking Account

To apply for a PNB Priority Checking account, download and fill out the form then submit it in one of their branches along with other requirements (2 government-issued valid IDs and initial deposit of Php25,000).

9. EastWest Priority

Perks and Benefits:

  • Relation Privileges
    • Experience true VIP treatment with dedicated Relationship Manager to assist you with your banking needs. You also enjoy preferential services, rates, and fees.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
    • Have your very own Priority Relationship Manager to assist you in crafting your portfolio based on your risk profile to help you meet your financial goals.
  • In-Depth Approach
    • Your dedicated Relationship Manager understands your risk profile, and financial goals & aims to match them with suitable products to help you maximize your portfolio.
  • Market Intelligence
    • You get access to timely market reports and updates, and exclusive outlook events which may focus on the economy, industries, interest rates, foreign exchange, and fixed income markets to help you make informed financial decisions.
  • Wealth Management Solutions
    • Discover a diverse suite of products to help you attain your financial goals, all according to your investment philosophy.
  • Extensive Products and Services
    • Enjoy a wide range of products and services such as deposits, credit cards, investments, loans, and insurance suited to your financial needs.
  • Personalized Service 
    • We understand your need for a banking experience that’s built with your convenience in mind. From the handling of your transactions and banking concerns to the management of your portfolio, you can enjoy the prompt and efficient service you deserve.
  • Preferential Treatment
    • Enjoy special accommodations that come with a Priority relationship such as access to special products and preferential banking fees.
  • Lifestyle Exclusives
    • Indulge in exclusive benefits that match your lifestyle and status with your EastWest Visa Platinum debit card and EastWest Priority Visa Infinite credit card.
  • EastWest Visa Platinum Debit Card
    • Delight in the convenience and security of using your EastWest Visa Platinum Debit Card to pay for in-store or online purchases or withdraw from any Visa-affiliated ATM in the world.
  • EastWest Priority Visa Infinite
    • An exclusive* world for the global elite (*Exclusive to Priority Clients only). Discover enriching experiences and privileges that only your EastWest Priority Visa Infinite credit card can provide. Has a host of premium offers and excellent benefits that befit your lifestyle and status.

How to Apply for EastWest Priority

You can apply and submit your personal information online by going to their website or sending them an email.

As an alternative, you can apply in person by visiting their nearest branch and speaking with a customer care agent. 

Priority Banking FAQs

Are there any fees associated with priority banking?

Yes, some charge a monthly fee or an annual fee.

Can I access priority banking services online or through a mobile app?

Yes, you can do this by accessing your account via a partner app or by visiting the official website of your bank.

What kind of financial advice and support can I expect with priority banking?

Your bank may provide you preferential service, free financial counseling, and a variety of other perks if you have a priority account.

If the entire value of the assets you have under control with the bank surpasses a specific amount, you would qualify for this type of account.

Are there any exclusive events or offers available to priority banking customers?

Yes, as this is part of some of their services provided.

Can I use my priority banking account for international transactions?

Yes, you can use it. However, we highly suggest you contact your bank first to know more about the fees you have to pay or any other process you have to complete.

Are there any special perks or discounts available to priority banking customers?

Yes, as this is part of some of their services provided. Almost all offer discounts and special deals.

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