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With over 100,000 users, NowServing by SeriousMD had the highest marks in terms of user ratings. The app also offers a wide-array of telehealth services from teleconsult, receiving prescriptions, getting lab results, up to ordering your medicines online.

Our editors’ other top picks for online medical consultation services:

AppConsultation FeePayment Method(s)
KonsultaMDPhp499 to P999 per yearcredit card, GCash
Aide AppPhp500 to P900debit/credit card, GCash
HealthNowPHStarts at P699debit/credit card, GCash, voucher codes

Only a few decades ago, having a phone or video call consultation with your doctor was unheard of. Today, telemedicine has become a normal part of people’s lives, and a rising number of healthcare professionals and institutions now offer this service via apps and websites.

This is not something new to the Philippines. Digital technology has been leveraged to give healthcare services since the SARS epidemic in 2003, as well as the MERS-CoV in 20131. However, it was only during COVID-19 when its popularity grew dramatically.

The Philippines Department of Health and the National Privacy Commission has collaborated to provide free telemedicine services to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country. Since it started, over 70,000 virtual consult sessions have been provided to various patients throughout the Philippines.2

Another Telehealth platform, KonsultaMD, also saw growth during the pandemic, with participating doctors rising more than 18 times.3

The popularity of telehealth platforms is set to continue even after COVID-19. Although it won’t entirely replace face to face consultations, it’s a great starting point to provide convenience to millions of Filipinos who want to stay healthy in the “new normal.”

If you want to know more about Online Medical Consultation Services in the Philippines, you’ve come to the right page.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is defined as the delivery of healthcare services and information anywhere and anytime via digital technology, by healthcare professionals and institutions. It can also be simply defined as healthcare through technology.

Telehealth is used to enhance the quality of healthcare services and improve patient outcomes, cost efficiency, and convenience. 

Telehealth brings so many advantages and benefits to people who want to avail of medical services. It can cover the healthcare needs of people of all ages, even in the most remote areas in the country. It can also be used for medical emergencies or urgent care, as well as monitoring.

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Why Use Telehealth services?

Here are some of the reasons why you should take advantage of telehealth services.

It provides real-time healthcare

Telehealth is the best mode to connect and get a real-time consultation from a doctor almost anywhere. With the help of technology, you can speak to a healthcare professional without much effort.

You can also get your healthcare concerns addressed immediately, and get your prescriptions filled through one platform.

It collects data efficiently

Telehealth tools have the capability to capture accurate patient information. It is more effective than traditional healthcare systems which may have data entry errors.

More importantly, the information about patients can also be readily accessed by health professionals, while still ensuring patient privacy.

It’s effective for patient monitoring

Telehealth allows doctors to monitor a patient’s status by processing health data collected by wearable devices.

This can be a more accurate method to determine the existing health condition of a person than manually checking the condition of the person.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a form of telehealth. It refers to the delivery of health care in a way that is structured similarly to traditional doctor-patient clinic settings that most people are familiar with.

Why Use Telemedicine services?

Here are some of the reasons why you should take advantage of telemedicine medicine.

Easy access to specialists

Thanks to telemedicine, you can consult with top specialists even if you are in another country, or are located in a remote area.

Consulting with specialists can be a problem with clinics and hospitals since you have to travel from one place to another just to see the doctor or wait for days, weeks, or months to see a specialist.

Location is not an issue even in rural areas

Technology has made everyone’s medical experience more accessible. All you need is to have a device and internet connection, and you can already consult a doctor.

It is helpful for patients with limited mobility

If you have a chronic disease and need to get regular checkups and medications provided, you can do this with telehealth.

Instead of going to the doctor’s clinic regularly, you can simply do this from the comfort of your home. This is extremely beneficial for patients who are unable to travel, such as older adults and people with disabilities.

It can give timely and urgent care

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, you can get urgent care without the need to go to the hospital. Virtual consultations with doctors will enable you to discuss your symptoms and get treatment without any hassle.

It is more affordable

Telehealth services can save you a lot of money. It is more affordable than in-person visits since you don’t need to factor in the cost of traveling.

There is reduced exposure to pathogens

Since you are not getting physical contact with another person, there is less of a chance to contract germs, viruses, and other harmful pathogens. Others would also not be exposed to your risk factors.

Difference Between Telemedicine vs. Telehealth

Telemedicine and telehealth are two terms that are usually interchanged. However, the two are not the same.

The major difference between telehealth and telemedicine is that the former has a broader scope of remote healthcare services compared to telemedicine.

Telehealth can include remote provider training, administrative meetings, clinical services, continuing medical education, and non-clinical services, whereas telemedicine only covers remote clinical services.

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Who Can Use Telemedicine and Telehealth Services?

Anyone can use telemedicine and telehealth.  For those who are unable to visit their doctor’s office, it can be a great alternative and help them get the medical attention they need.

It can also be used by people in rural areas, who would otherwise have to travel long distances just to get to the nearest hospital, as well as those who live in areas with limited or no public transportation.

Telemedicine and telehealth are also beneficial for people who cannot travel due to physical incapacities, or because of cognitive decline.

It can also be beneficial for people whose needs should be addressed by specialists, as well as people with chronic illnesses that need ongoing monitoring and treatment.

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Teleconsult Apps & Online Medical Consultation Services in the Philippines

Here are the most reliable teleconsultation apps and websites in the country.

Note: Star ratings were based on the average aggregated user ratings on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Facebook.

1. NowServing by SeriousMD

  • Consultation fee: Varies per doctor (starts at P600)
  • Consultation hours: Varies per doctor
  • Payment method: debit/credit cards, Maya, GCash, bank transfer and other remittances

With NowServing by SeriousMD, you can find the best doctor you need to address your health concerns. This app’s services also include in-clinic appointments, receiving prescriptions, getting lab results, ordering medicine, and many more.

2. KonsultaMD

  • Consultation fee: Php499 to P999 per year
  • Consultation hours: 24/7
  • Payment method: credit card, GCash

This is a telehealth membership service that grants you 24/7 unlimited access to doctors without setting an appointment. Consultation can be done via video call or voice anytime.

KonsultaMD has also partnered with various health institutions such as AC Health, Aventus Medical Care, MetroDental, Hi-Precision Diagnostics, and many more to give better services to its clients.

3. HealthNowPH

  • Consultation fee: App is free, consultation fee depends on service (starts at P699)
  • Consultation hours: 8am to 5pm
  • Payment method: debit/credit card, GCash, voucher codes

This is an all-in-one health app that provides all your primary care needs. Through this platform, you can easily book lab and clinic schedules, and buy medicines conveniently and skip lines at the pharmacy.

4. Aide-App

  • Consultation fee: Php500 to P900
  • Consultation hours: n/a
  • Payment method: debit/credit card, GCash

This is a Home Health Care Platform in the greater Metro Manila area that provides home care solutions to people dealing with illness or injury. Whether you need appointment based care, or daily health-related attention, you can turn to Aide.

5. Medifi

  • Consultation fee: Php699
  • Consultation hours: 24/7
  • Payment method: debit/credit cards

This app grants you the convenience to get consults from over 3,000 doctors anytime, anywhere. Your Medifi consultation can be done through video call, chat, or voice.

6. CloudPX

  • Consultation fee: depends on service
  • Consultation hours: Depends on doctor’s schedule  
  • Payment method: debit/credit card, Maya (sent through a link)

CloudPX is a fully-integrated medical management system that works with CLoudMD, a practice management system doctors use.

This allows you to schedule online consultations to receive prescriptions, medical certificates, and other doctor’s orders directly into your CloudPX account seamlessly.

7. SeeYouDoc

  • Consultation fee: varies per doctor, free consultation available
  • Consultation hours: clinic hours of doctors posted
  • Payment method: debit/credit card, Gcash, Paypal, Grab Pay

With the SeeYouDoc app, you can skip waiting and get quality health care services in just a few clicks. Online consultations can be done through video calls, and you can get an e-prescription from board-certified doctors.

8. Kitika

  • Consultation fee: Php959 to P3,259 per year, Php350 consultation credit
  • Consultation hours: 24/7
  • Payment method: BDO, Gcash, Maya

Kitika is a comprehensive telehealth platform that aims to provide equal access to healthcare by offering real-time medical consultations to those who need it.

9. mWell PH

  • Consultation fee: doctor’s fee + Php100 per consultation
  • Consultation hours: 24/7
  • Payment method: credit/debit cards, Maya

mWell is a health app that aims to be with patients in every step of their wellness journey. Its services include online doctor consultations, as well as assistance to help users reach their health and fitness goals.

10. Call Doc by Medgate

  • Consultation fee: Php1,499 per year (individual/parents), Php2,499 (individual, spouse, children aged 6 months to 18 years old)
  • Consultation hours: 24/7
  • Payment method: debit/credit card

With Call Doc by Medgate, you can get hassle-free medical consultation whenever you need. Medgate boasts a roster of specialist doctors who are ready to give you the care you deserve. Consultations are done through your mobile phone.

11. MyPocketDoctor

  • Consultation fee: P450 per consultation
  • Consultation hours: 24/7
  • Payment method: Over the Counter (7/11, Palawan Pawnshop, Cebuana Lhuillier, LBC, etc.)  online banking (BPI, Unionbank, RCBC, etc.), e-wallets (GCash, Grab Pay, etc)

MyPocketDoctor was the first telemedicine app in the country. This app can connect you with doctors for your urgent healthcare needs. The app also offers appointments to a wide array of medicine specialties.

12. Doctor Anywhere 

  • Consultation fee: 
    • General practitioner: Starts at Php550 for a 20-minute video consult 
    • Specialist: Starts at Php699 for a 15-minute video consult 
    • Mental health: Starts at Php1,499 for a 60-minute online appointment
  • Consultation hours: 24/7
  • Payment method: all major debit and credit cards (including Visa and MasterCard) and GCash 

Doctor Anywhere operates in six countries with 2.5 million users, over 3,000 doctors, and more than 1,000 key corporate clients. This platform empowers users to manage their health conveniently.

Patients can video consult with locally licensed doctors anytime, anywhere, access their medical history, submit medical claims, and request e-medical certificates.

An e-medical certificate is issued by a licensed doctor upon performing an online examination, thus making it easy for employers to validate employee’s medical certifications to guarantee compliance and accuracy. 

13. My Health Clinic

  • Consultation fee: 
    • MyWellness: Php1,000
    • MyWellness+: Php1,385 – Php3,163
    • MyLifestyle: Php6,514
    • MyLifestyle+: Php10,761
    • MyLifestyle Premier: Php23,457 – Php24,622 
  • Consultation hours: must book an appointment first 
  • Payment method: debit card, credit card, or PayPal 

My Health Clinic is a multi-specialty and full-service clinic that is dedicated to empowering individuals to prioritize their health by providing accessible services.

Established in 2009, its mission has been to offer a wide range of clinical services to patients, both within its clinics and through off-site avenues.

My Health Clinic’s commitment extends from primary care to online consultations, as it continually expands its services to ensure patients have all the healthcare solutions they need to maintain their health and well-being.

14. TelAventusMD

  • Consultation fee: Starts at Php600 per year
  • Consultation hours: 24/7
  • Payment method: debit/credit cards, bank transfer, GCash

By contacting TelAventus through email or Facebook messenger, patients can access care from a doctor through online phone or video call consultation. After, an electronic prescription will be sent to the patient as needed.

15. MindCare

  • Consultation fee: P1,000 to P3,360, P896 to P1,680 billed before the first session
  • Consultation hours: varies per doctor
  • Payment method: Major payment gateways

MindCare Club is a network of mental health professionals including counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists in the Philippines. This Telehealth service focuses on mental health  and uses online video conference to deliver treatment and therapy to patients.

First-time patients are required to have a session with a first-step specialist for an assessment before being referred to the most suitable healthcare provider within the service.

Please note that MindCare Club is not meant for emergencies.

16. Recovery Hub Philippines

  • Consultation fee: Minimum of P1,000
  • Consultation hours: Varies per doctor
  • Payment method: Major payment gateways including OTC (must be settled before the appointment)

This is another telehealth provider in the Philippines that focuses on mental health. Recovery Hub Philippines boasts a team of licensed mental health professionals that provide consultation, treatment, and other services offered by therapists and psychiatrists.

This Cebu-based service offers services through online video calls. You must register on their website and select from their list of doctors to book a session. Then, you can schedule your appointment.

Top Online Pharmacies in the Philippines

Online pharmacies make it easy for you to get medication and healthcare products from the comfort of your home.

1. Southstar Drug

  • Coverage: Nationwide
  • Delivery fee:
    • For Metro Manila, select Rizal areas, Bacoor, Imus and Dasmariñas Cavite, San Fernando, Mabalacat and Angeles Pampanga, Bauan, San Pascual, and Batangas City, delivery is free for orders Php1,499 and up, otherwise, Php50. For same-day delivery, the standard rate is Php75 for orders below Php1,499.
    • For provincial areas, delivery is free for orders Php2,499 and up, otherwise, Php88.
    • Note: Additional fee will be charged for bulky items regardless of the order amount

Southstar Drug is an established and trusted name in the country’s healthcare industry and it has seamlessly transitioned into adding an online service to ensure that quality healthcare is available at your convenience wherever you are.

Southstar Drug offers not only a wide variety of medications, but also health and wellness essentials. Whether you need over-the-counter remedies, prescription medicines, vitamins, or personal care products, you can find them at Southstar Drug’s online store.

They also offer a comprehensive range of health and wellness products, medical supplies, beauty and personal care items, and even snacks and beverages.

This drug store also offers a call & pick up service, as well as MedSubscribe, a subscription service that regularly delivers medicines and supplements to you.

This is particularly useful for busy individuals as well as those who take regular prescriptions. 

2. Watsons

  • Coverage: Nationwide
  • Delivery fee: Php60 for members, Php80 for non-members

Watsons has been a household name in the Philippines for decades. Their app and online store offer an extensive selection of items, making it a one-stop destination for all your needs.

Whether you’re searching for medications, personal care products, cosmetics, vitamins, or health and wellness essentials, Watsons’ app and website have you covered. It also provides a seamless and user-friendly online shopping experience for all its users. 

For orders made before 5 pm, delivery is made in three hours or less.

3. Rose Pharmacy

  • Coverage: Nationwide
  • Delivery fee: Free shipping for orders over Php1,499 (For Metro Cebu areas only), otherwise Php99

Rose Pharmacy is committed to meeting the needs of people looking for reliable healthcare solutions. You can find prescription medications, over-the-counter remedies, vitamins, personal care products, and more, all on its website.

Just like Watsons, express delivery is available in three hours or less, but only in Metro Cebu.

With a commitment to delivering health solutions and exceptional service, Rose Pharmacy can be your virtual neighborhood healthcare partner.

Keep in mind that although this online pharmacy offers nationwide delivery, it can take 7 to 14 days to receive items outside Metro Cebu.

For customers in Metro Manila and Luzon, Rose Pharmacy recommends ordering at Southstar Drug.

4. Med Express

  • Coverage: Nationwide
  • Delivery fee: Php100 minimum

Med Express is strategically located within major hospitals. Its online platform streamlines the process of ordering a wide range of medications and healthcare products.

In its user-friendly website, customers can quickly find tons of healthcare essentials.

Med Express also goes the extra mile to ensure that your health and time are well taken care of through scheduled pick-ups. This way, you can receive your medications immediately after your checkup.

5. Get Meds

  • Coverage: Nationwide
  • Delivery fee: n/a

On the Get Meds app and website, you can easily order medicine, schedule diagnostic tests, and do teleconsultations – all in a few clicks.

Medications are neatly categorized for easy access, and they sweeten the deal with a “Deal of the Day” for extra savings.

Feeling lazy to add each medicine manually? Just upload your doctor’s prescription, and their pharmacists will take care of the rest.

Plus, you get same-day delivery in Metro Manila and delivery within three days across the Philippines.

6. Lazada Med

  • Coverage: Nationwide
  • Delivery fee: Free for Php100 minimum spend with Lazada wallet, otherwise starts at Php75

With the reliability, efficiency, and savings through vouchers that Lazada is known for, Lazada Med extends these qualities to healthcare.

This section in the Lazada app allows you to explore and purchase medications, medical supplies, wellness products, and more with ease.

7. Mercury Drug

  • Coverage: Nationwide
  • Delivery fee: n/a

Mercury Drug offers six hassle-free options for purchasing and sending any item you need.

What sets Mercury Drug apart is the full order service, available in any of their 1,000+ stores nationwide. Here, you can rest easy knowing there are no service fees so it’s simple, straightforward, and entirely hassle-free.

For convenience, they offer a call-to-order and delivery option at each branch. For this option, just call the numbers provided here, and a dedicated team will promptly deliver what you need right to your doorstep.

8. The Generics Pharmacy

  • Coverage: Nationwide
  • Delivery fee: Free nationwide delivery; use voucher code “FRESHANDFREE,” minimum Php1,200 (validity not stated). Maximum discount Php109, otherwise Php99.

The Generics Pharmacy organized medicine by condition. This way, you can find what you need in just a few clicks. If you’re looking to save, The Generics Pharmacy also offers promos and discounts to help you.

9. Mura Med

  • Coverage: Nationwide
  • Delivery fee: Starts at Php100

Mura Med not only offers affordable items, but also free shipping on orders of Php1,000 and up. For those who need their healthcare essentials immediately, Mura Med provides same-day delivery as well.

Navigating their website, you can conveniently shop by category, including over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, vitamins and supplements, medical devices, sexual wellness products, and health and beauty items.

While Mura Med is a great choice for affordability, it’s essential to note that it may not be the most well-designed website/platform.

Despite this, their commitment to providing accessible and budget-friendly healthcare solutions makes Mura Med a valuable resource for everyone.

10. Generika

  • Coverage: Nationwide
  • Delivery fee: Php70 when you order from the Generika Drugstore app between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Boasting as much as 85% in savings compared to branded medicines, Generika is a pharmacy that should be on your radar. Same-day delivery only costs Php70.

This price is the lowest on the list, but it only applies when you order from the Generika app between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

HospitalMore information/Where to book telemedicine serviceContact details
ACE Medical Center Allied Care Experts (02) 8350-881
MyHealth Clinic 
Pasig Doctors Medical Center 8878 7362 
Asian Hospital And Medical Center 8771 9000 
Protacio Hospital Paranaque 8852 2953 
Providence Hospital 8558 6999 
St Luke’s Medical Center 582 2371 (Global City)0999 221 2310 (Quezon City)
Medical City (press 5 to book)
Centuria Medical Makati 7 793 8606+63 917 610 6267 
Capitol Medical Center to 44 
UST Hospital (Family Medicine) 8731 3001 
UP-PGH Pain Clinic 
Manila Doctors HospitalDownload “MEDIFI Telemedicine App for Patients” (02) 8558 0888 
Amang Rodriguez Medical Center 8941 5854 
East Avenue Quezon CityCardiology, Endocrinology, Dermatology (Skin Center), Dental,  Family and Community Medicine, Neurology/Neurosciences,  Nephrology, OB-Gyn, Ophtha (Eye Center)OrthopedicsORL-HNS (ENT), PediatricsPsychiatryRheumatology, SurgeryUrology29280611 
National Center for Mental Health 8531 9001 
National Children’s Hospital (02) 8724 0656 
Philippine Orthopedic Center 8711 4276 
Quirino Memorial Medical Center
Rizal Medical Center 8470-7884 
Philippine Children’s Medical Center 8588-990 local 400 
Philippine Heart Center 89252401 
Dr. Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical CenterSee pinned post: 27119491 
Las Pinas General HospitalSee pinned post: 8873-0556, (02) 8824 9434 
San Lorenzo Ruiz Women’s CenterOB-GYN, Internal medicine, Pediatrics8294-4853 to 54 local 205 
Valenzuela Medical CenterDepartment of PediatricsDepartment of Ob GyneDepartment of Surgery, Department of Family Medicine (for Senior Citizen), Department of Physical Medicine and Rehab, Dental Service, Dermatolgy Department 294-6713 / 09974462780
Tondo Medical CenterInternal medicine, OB-GYN, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics 8865-9000 
Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial HospitalDermatology, Rehab, Internal medicine, Teleconsult portal, Surgery962-8209; 962-9877 
National Kidney and Transplant Institute local 1122 
Lung Center of the Philippines local 1324 

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