79 Visa-Free Countries (+eVisa & VOA) for Filipinos

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With the number of countries offering visa-free access to Pinoys reaching 66 this year, there’s no better time than now to travel.

The Philippines’ is ranked #70 in the list of the world’s strongest passport.

This is based on the Henley Passport Index that looks into the “Travel freedom of countries based on an authoritative database of the travel information”.

Neighboring country Singapore is at second place, while Japan is the current champ with visa-free access to 189 countries.

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What is Visa?

It’s an official endorsement that the passport holder is allowed to enter a particular country. It’s used to determine the following:

  • The duration of your stay
  • Date when you should leave
  • Dates when you can enter the country
  • How many times you’re allowed to visit a country
  • Details of your work rights and/or other labor-related information

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Types of Tourist Visas


Visa-free allows you to enter a country without the need for a visa. You are given a specific amount of time for your stay.


Visa-on-Arrival (VOA) is granted upon entry at the airport of the country you’re visiting. There is no application required beforehand. You will be assisted by the immigration officials who will be the ones issuing your visa after all required paperwork and fees have been taken care of.


Visa-required needs you to apply for a visa in the embassy or consulate before traveling into the country you plan to visit (for business or tourist visas). You’ll be asked to provide supporting documents proving your medical status, financial capacity, prior travel history, and others.

4. e-VISA

eVisa is convenient as it allows you to apply via the internet. The actual visa is stored in the immigration’s database and a corresponding passport number will be linked to it for verification.

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Complete List of Visa-Free Countries for Philippine Passport Holders [+eVisa & VOA]

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ASEAN Countries

Very popular with globetrotting backpackers and tourists, thanks to its amazing beaches, exotic cuisine, and cheap prices.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Terrific geographical views
  • Rich cultural heritage (arts and music)
  • Lots of beaches
  • Exotic foods
  • Easily cross borders by sea or land trip.


  • Tourist traps and exploitation can be rampant
CountryType of VisaDurationRequirementsVisa Cost
VietnamVisa Free21 DaysReturn/onward ticket$0 – Apply Online
ThailandVisa Free30 DaysReturn/onward ticket 
MyanmarVisa Free14 DaysReturn/onward ticket 
MalaysiaVisa Free30 DaysReturn/onward ticket 
LaosVisa Free30 Days  
IndonesiaVisa Free30 Days  
CambodiaVisa Free21 Days  
Brunei DarussalamVisa Free14 DaysReturn/onward ticket 
SingaporeVisa Free30 DaysReturn/onward ticket 

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The experience you’ll get out of traveling to the rest of Asia varies wildly.

From the modern countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong, to the cultural haven that is India, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, including a few countries in Central Asia, there’s a lot in store for the wandering traveler.


  • Plenty of interesting places and ancient culture
  • Majestic sights and landscapes


  • Some regions might be unstable and unsafe during certain times
CountryType of VisaDurationRequirementsVisa Cost
Hong KongVisa Free14 daysReturn/onward ticket 
Indiae-Visa60 dayse-Visa holders must arrive via 26 designated airports$82 – Apply online
IsraelVisa Free90 daysReturn/onward ticket 
IranVisa Free15 daysReturn/onward ticket 
MacauVisa Free30 daysReturn/onward ticket; At least MOP 5000 proof of funds 
ChinaVisa Free (Hainan) / VOA (Shenzen)   
South KoreaVisa Free (Jeju Island only)30 days  
TaiwanVisa Free14 daysReturn/onward ticket 
Timor-LesteVOA30 days  
ArmeniaVOA120 daysVisa payable only in local currency 
MongoliaVisa Free21  daysReturn/onward ticket 
NepalVOA21 days  
Sri Lankae-Visa30 daysReturn/onward ticket $35 – Apply online
KyrgyzstanVOA30 daysReturn/onward ticket; Hotel vouchers 
TajikistanVOA45 daysE-visa holders can enter through all border points. 
MaldivesVOA 30 daysReturn/onward ticket; Hotel vouchers 

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If you want to view some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife creatures, Africa is the place to be. The beautiful, sweeping, landscapes and dramatic scenery provides travelers with a unique travel experience rich in life and culture.


  • Safari and wildlife
  • Vast deserts and picturesque landscapes


  • Safety is not guaranteed at all times
CountryType of VisaDurationNotes/Special RequirementsVisa Cost
Benine-Visa / VOA30 daysInternational vaccination certificate$65 – $125 – Apply online
Cape Verde IslandsVisa Free21 days  
ComorosVisa Free21 daysReturn/onward ticket 
Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire)Visa Free90 daysInternational certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever 
Ethiopiae-Visa30 days $52 – Apply online
Gabone-Visa30 – 90 dayse-Visa holders must arrive via Libreville International Airport.$98 – Apply online
MoroccoVisa Free90 daysReturn/onward ticket 
Lesothoe-Visa90 daysYellow Fever Vaccination$150 – Apply online
RwandaVisa Free90 days $50 (3 days)
SeychellesVisa Free21 days Return/onward ticket; Proof of accommodation and funds 
DjiboutiVOA30 days  
GambiaVOA90 daysReturn/onward ticket; Gambian immigration entry clearance required 
Guinea-BissauVOA90 days  
KenyaVOA90 daysReturn/onward ticket$50 (3 days)
MadagascarVOA30 daysReturn/onward ticket$27 (3 days)
MalawiVOA21 days  
MauritaniaVOA Available at Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International Airport. 
MauritiusVOA60 days  
MozambiqueVOA 30 daysReturn/onward ticket; Proof of accommodation and funds$50 (3 days)
SenegalVOA 30 daysReturn/onward ticket; official invitation letter 
SomaliaVOA30 days  
TanzaniaVOA30 daysReturn/onward ticket;$50 (3 days)
TogoVOA7 daysReturn/onward ticket; Passport photos 
UgandaVOA 90 daysReturn/onward ticket; Proof of accommodation and funds; Proof of reason of visit and contact details of the person to be visited$50 (3 days)
ZambiaVOA90 daysReturn/onward ticket;$50 (3 days)
Zimbabwee-Visa90 days $30 – Apply Online

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Americas (Central, Caribbean, South)

An amazing travel destination thanks to the variety of culture, people, activities, and places it offers.

Lots of beaches, rich language, fascinating culture, and people make traveling to these places a rich and vibrant experience.


  • Colonial and native history produced some of this area’s great culture and cuisine, weather is amazing


  • Travel costs can be expensive
CountryType of VisaDurationRequirementsVisa Cost
Antigua and Barbudae-Visa Completed Visa application form, confirmation of travel (return/onward ticket) $50 – $75 – Apply online
ColombiaVisa Free90 daysReturn/onward ticket; Proof hotel accommodation and funds 
DominicaVisa Free21 days  
HaitiVisa Free90 daysReturn/onward ticket; Proof of place to stay 
Costa RicaVisa Free90 daysReturn/onward ticket; 
NicaraguaVOA30 daysTourist Card on arrival$50
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa Free30 days  
Saint LuciaVOA6 weeks $47 – Apply online
Trinidad and TobagoVOA  $200 – Apply online
BoliviaVisa Free90 days  
BrazilVisa Free90 daysReturn/onward ticket; 
EcuadorVisa Free90 days  
PeruVisa Free183 daysReturn/onward ticket; 
SurinameVisa Free90 daysReturn/onward ticket; 

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As of the moment, we only have 3 Europe-based countries on our list above.

Georgia offers a remarkable mix of landscapes and climates, Turkey has breathtaking mountains and seas (as well as their incredible shopping spots), while Kosovo has beautiful churches and monasteries.  


  • A taste of European people and culture that’s very different from our own


  • Travel costs can be expensive, not much to experience in terms of depth and variety compared to other areas on our list
CountryType of VisaDurationRequirementsVisa Cost
Georgiae-Visa Return/onward ticket; proof of funds, health insurance 
KosovoVisa-free (check requirements)15 daysApplies to Schengen Visa Holders only 
TurkeyE-Visa for Schengen, Ireland, UK, US Permit holders Return/onward ticket; proof of funds and hotel accommodation$20.70 – Apply Online

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Oceania & Pacific Islands

Home to some of the world’s amazing white beaches, stunning coral reefs, and majestic volcanic islands.


  • Beautiful beaches
  • Great for surfing, snorkeling
  • Bungee jumping


  • Not much in store for the cultural-explorer
CountryType of VisaDurationRequirementsVisa Cost
FijiVOA120 daysReturn/onward ticket; 
Marshall IslandsVOA90 daysReturn/onward ticket; permit to visit 
PalauVOA30 daysProof of sufficient funds 
Papua New GuineaVOA60 daysReturn/onward ticket; 
SamoaVOA60 days (Visitor’s permit on arrival)Return/onward ticket; 
TuvaluVOA30 daysReturn/onward ticket; 
Cook IslandsVisa Free31 daysReturn/onward ticket; 
NauruVisa Free Return/onward ticket; Visa letter 
MicronesiaVisa Free30 days  
NiueVisa Free30 daysReturn/onward ticket; 
VanuatuVisa Free30 daysReturn/onward ticket; 

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Requirements for Visa Application

Each country you visit will require you to submit requirements based on their policies. So don’t be surprised if the occasional hiccup occurs.

It happens.

However, there are documents and resources that you absolutely must have and prepare in advance. Having these will save you a lot of time and help avoid any hassles.

  • A passport that is valid for six months minimum
  • A completely-filled out visa application form
  • Previous visas
  • Passport photos
  • Money
  • Travel and Medical Insurance
  • Proof of financial capacity

These are the most common requirements you should have with you always.

Make sure to visit the country’s official immigration website for details beforehand so you’ll know exactly what you’ll need.

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Tips to Get Approved for Visa Faster

Here’s the thing about applying for Visas: It’s not 100% “standard” each time.

You might get approved without much fuss one time and then be rejected completely even when you submitted the same set of paperwork.

While the following tips don’t guarantee you’ll get approved automatically, they help in increasing your chances of getting approved quickly.

1. Complete and bring all paperwork and related documents

Embassy officials aren’t your teachers. You can’t simply say “Follow up ko na lang later ma’am” when you realize you forgot an important document.

They won’t accept it if it’s incomplete. Save yourself and others the hassle by being diligent in your preparation. Doing so ensures the whole process runs smoothly.

In completing forms, be thorough and accurate. During the interview, provide sufficient details but don’t go overboard.

It’s not about being “makwento” or casual to feign confidence. Just answer what they ask for in a polite yet confident manner.

2. Radical Honesty for the reason of your visit  

If Brother Bo Sanchez promotes “Radical Patience” as a secret to building wealth, you have to apply “Radical Honesty” when stating the reason for your visit.

Make sure to apply for the appropriate visa (student, visitor, are different) and be true in your intentions.

3. Proof of Financial Capacity

Here are some of the most common documents that might be required for proving your solvency/financial capacity:

Employed Person:


  • Copy of Business Permit
  • Tax statements
  • Bank Statement and Financial Reports (most recent)
  • Copies of credit cards, bank certificates, or bank statements (personal)


  • Proof financial assets
  • Documents proving period of time and date of retirement
  • Pension-related documents


  • Sponsorship letter (from guardians/parents) with corresponding documents showing proof of solvency
  • Official documentation from school/university as proof of scholarship along with the complete details (duration, etc.,)


  • Proof of investments or financial assets
  • Copies of personal financial documents like bank statements and credit cards
  • Sponsorship letter with corresponding documents showing proof of solvency

4. Proof showing that you won’t be overstaying

Embassies want to see proof that you have strong ties here that will urge you to go back to your mother country.

This is to prevent risks of overstaying through illegal means. These are the most common ones:

  • Leave of absence or Certificate of employment
  • Proof of ownership of property or business
  • Documents showing proof that you’re enrolled here currently
  • Leave of absence
  • Letter from sponsors emphasizing reasons you won’t be overstaying

Non-Visa Requirements

1. Passport validity length

  • Check the expiration date on your passport and make sure it’s still good for 6 months.

2. Fingerprinting

  • Plenty of countries require that all visitors from foreign nations provide their fingerprints upon arrival. Anyone refusing to do so will not be granted entry or worse, be apprehended by authorities.

3. Blank passport pages

  • A good number of countries require visitors to have the minimum number of blank pages on their visas. Note that endorsement pages are not counted.

4. Criminal record

  • Some countries (e.g Australia, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand and the United States [351]) routinely deny entry to non-citizens who have a criminal record.
  • There are countries who will deny visiting non-citizens who have a criminal record. US, Australia, New Zealnd, and Canada are examples.

5. Vaccination

  • Almost all African nations require that visitors present an International Certificate of Vaccination prior entry. There are some countries that only require vaccination if they came from a known infected area or have visited one recently.

Traveling abroad has never been easier. Whether it’s on nearby ASEAN countries or other must-visit continents, the ability to travel visa-free is a huge perk for us Pinoys.

You get to bypass the arduous (and sometimes frustrating) step of applying for a visa, which is not really a hassle-free process here in our country.

Let’s hope more countries open their soil to Filipinos without the need for the visa, so we can get to experience and enjoy what other nations and cultures have to offer.

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  1. Juan Bird says

    You should add Russia under the “E-Visa” category. Since July 1st, 2019, Filipino passports have been given the privilege to enter Kaliningrad with an e-visa rather than through the traditional visa application procedures. The “Russian Embassy in the Philippines” page in FB has announced it already.

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    There are more non-visa areas in Europe:
    · Transnistrian region of Moldova (if entering from Ukraine on transit visa B or other Ukrainian visa)
    · Northern Cyprus
    · Andorra (by availing its Ski resorts’ helicopter transfer service transit from Barcelona airport – the website said the cost is €2600)
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